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Staff - Academic

As with all military personnel it was commonplace for individuals to gain nicknames. The number and range of a person’s nicknames were directly proportional to the regard in which they were held so John Brooke-Smith must have been highest in our affections. It is interesting how perceptions of some longer-serving members of staff changed over the years as their nicknames indicate. Members of staff are listed below by name and nickname.

Rev Frederick J Ackers (Joey). Geography master 1880.

Mr Aitken Mathematics Master joined Sep 1905.

Mr Allott BA joined January 1910 direct from Cambridge.

Mr Glyn Welden Banks Taught English for six months in 1971. 2019 Article in MNA News2015 article and photos

Mr Barker (Boowks) Late 60s and 70s was so named because of the way he said “Get your boowks out lads”.

Barmy see Mr Crocket.

Mr Ken Bayliss (Ken, aka Pug) in 1960 was the Physics teacher and coach of the 1st XV and Athletics team). He left in 1964 for conduct unbecoming…

C J Beecheno trigonometry master at least 1889 to 1894. Founder of the Conway Debating Society in 1889.

Bert see Mr Menzies.

Bill see Mr. Siville/Sewill.

Bill the Bishop see Rev Williams

Mr Blakeman 1903 member of the academic staff. He married oin the summer of 1903.

Mr Blanshard left Dec 1909.

Mr Arthur Eustace Blomfield joined October 1911 from his home in Lewisham to teach French and History for the Osborne Class. Left Dec 1910. in 1914 he joined the Army as a Lt in the23rd Div Amm Col RFA. He was killed in action on 27/28th Oct 1918, Buried Giavera British Cemetery, Arcade.

Mr FG Bloyne left in 1917 to join the RNVR. He was replaced by Mr E Staveley MA (Oxon)

Boowks see Mr Barker.

Bog-brush see Mr Carter.

Bomber see Mr Bradley.

Bossie see T Phelps.

Mr Ron Bradley (Bomber) 1971-73 taught the colts, and later the first XV. He had previously served in Malaysia (then Malaya), Northern Ireland and RAF Cosford. He and his family lived in the Kelvin Block flat. He built a small white dinghy there, called “Bainin”, gaelic for “little white”. He had a blue, long-wheel base land rover with a cream roof, and towards the end of his stay, a german shepherd. After Conway he established and managed a Field Study Centre in the Mourne Mountains, Co Down (NI) for some 5 years. He was also a member of the local mountain rescue team. Ron Bradley died very unexpectedly. He was suddenly taken ill with a liver condition which killed him on January 6, 1978, aged 44.

Mr W G Brereton Spanish master 1947 to 51  Obituary The Cadet 1971

Mr F Buckby Science master Jan 1916 to Dec 1923. He was on war service from 1917 in the Artists Rifles. He was replaced by Mr HFJ Burgess.

Buller see Mr Greenwood.

Bummy see Mr Charles Barton.

Mr HFJ Burgess joined in 1917 to replace Mr F Buckby who left to join the Artists Rifles.

Mr. Caldwell (Wrong Way aka Grief around 1961) In 1960 he was coach of the 2nd XV. His nickname is explained thus: “We were playing RAF Valley at home. He was inserted into the 3/4 line to add some beef to the attack. With ball in hand he was hit hard on about their 25 yard line and spun through 180 without hesitating ran hard for the line and "scored" a five yard scrum for the opposition!”

Mr. Carter. (Spogsh aka Bog-Brush because of his crew cut) Senior Master calculus, also taught navigation. Acting Headmaster during the war while Tube was on active service. Perfectly ambidextrous. “Once he set a Maths exam which was so difficult nobody could do it (average was about 2%) and they had to re-scale all the results. I was quite good at Maths but I only got about 15% I think.”

Charlie see Mr Joseph Light.

Mr J C P Cort English master Jan 1912 - Dec 1923 (joined the forces during WW1).

Creeping Jesus see Mr Preen.

Mr J A Creighton (Colonel Guncotton) Mathematics master for 13 years including Autumn term 1920. Previously a master in WorcersterObituary The Cadet 1959

Mr Cullingworth Left July 1903 for a post in Cairo. A member of the academic staff

Cupid see Rev? Williams.

J D'Amaral Taught Spamsih 1932-45. "Patience, unfailing good humour and even temper" Left Conway to beceom Portuguese Consulaet Genaral in London. Profile

DJ see Mr Dale Jones.

Mr Dale Jones (DJ). Chemistry teacher in the 60s.

Mr Davies (Peanut) 1950s. “Taught us English. I got on well with him though he was generally disliked. Also coached the Bantam Group for a while.” “The most lunatic evening was when 'Peanut' Davies was OOD. During cinema the projector was acting up (when didn't it?). As a result the time overran into supper (cocoa and a lump of seed cake). 'Peanut' stormed in and insisted that the cinema was stopped immediately. Naturally, the assembled Cadets were not amused and no amount of reasoning could dissuade him. Somehow the word spread that there would be a 'silent protest' at prayers before supper. Sure enough, 'Peanut' found himself singing the hymn alone. The meal (cocoa and a lump of seed cake) was in silence. 'Peanut' just grinned and chuckled. After All Hands were in bed and Rounds had taken place, 'Peanut' ordered each dormitory in turn to get out of bed, dress in shoes and run up and down the stairs 3 times and then assemble in the Mess Hall. Us POs were expected to accelerate the slow coaches - no way! On arrival at the Mess Hall, with the organist at the 'Wurlitzer', all had to sing the whole of 'Oh God our help in ages passed'. Then run up the stairs again to bed. This went on until all the dorms had done it. 'Peanut' thought the whole thing very amusing. Somehow the night's performance came to the attention of TEWB who interviewed 'Peanut' the next day. He was much more conciliatory after that.”

Dithery Dan see Mr Phillips.

Dodo see Mr. Woolley.

Thomas Dobson, Deputy Headmaster. Years not known but early 1900s. ex Naval School Greenwich.

Mr F W Ebdon became French Master Aug 1905.Also coached the football and cricket teams. Joined from St Johns, Leatherhead.

Professor Eeckies from Antwerp University employed as a temporary French Master in Jan 1915 to cover for a member of staff serving in the forces. He left in October 1915 to take a position in the Belgian Gvt.

Mr Gwillym Rhys Edwards Taught Geography. Crossed The Bar 2013

Mr Norman S Elliott joined Jan 1925 as Spanish Master

Mr Feasey (Yo Ho).

Flabby Guts see Mr Brenchley

Mr Fogarty (Frog aka Fogas) teacher i the early 60s.

Fogas see Mr Fogarty.

Sam Foulkes 42-49 taught history and geography “A quiet, gentle man with a dry sense of humour”

Mr. Fozard (Greasy) April 1956 To 1974 Spanish teacher who would speak just a few words of English to cadets in their first lesson viz “The best way to learn a language is to use a language. From now on I shall only address you in Spanish. Sienta te!” That was it; after the next few year it was all Spanish. He was the tennis and hockey coach. "A dapper graceful man, always smart and renowned for his slicked back brylcreamed hair." "A short, plump man with a sleek, black, brylcreemed hairdo and a Latin look, naturally he taught Spanish (later he was also the foclse divisional master). He had a parrot in his cabin."

He was a member of the Magic Circle and was prone to performing tricks on unsuspecting cadets.

Fozard died in 1978 after a long illness. "For 3 years Fozard worked in Lima in Peru before returning to join the training ship HMS Conway based at Anglesey in North Wales. For 18 years he worked with the students as a teacher and advisor. He always made himself available to the students and evidence of their high regard for him has been forthcoming ever since. One did not need to be long in conversation with Geoff before mention was made of Conway and his happiness there. But truth to say, Conway's loss was the Catholic High School's gain. He joined the staff of the Catholic High School in Chester in 1974,as Head of Modern Languages. Again he won the respect and high regard of his colleagues and the many pupils he helped along the way."

Mr W F Foulton Sep 1923 - ?? Science and rugby.

Frog see Mr Fogarty.

Gaff see Mr King.

Mr Gavin left Dec 1901.

Mr Gepp appointed by Lawrence Holt, the Conway Committee Chairman in Autumn Term 1937 to teach mathematics as the regular teacher was ill. He was an Old Pangbournian and held an Extra Master’s Certificate.

Mr Goodey (Lads) 1960s.

Greasy see Mr. Fozard, and Mr Rhys-Evans.

Mr C E Green taught French and History for the Osborne Class, left October 1911. Staff RNC Dartmouth 1926

Mr Greenland Taught circa 1959-62. An accomplished musician. Previoulsy in the RA. Left and joined the RAF then the SAS when he disappeared and was not seen again by Conway or friends.  Obit and photos

Mr T J C Greenwood
(Buller aka :TJCG"). Taught Geography from 1908 to 1943. He lived at Tranmere and moved to Beaumaris when the ship shifted from Rock Ferry to Glyn Garth. A requiem communion service was held at his home by the ship's chaplain and the cadets formed a guard of honour as the funeral party left for Bangor station. He was ther grandfather of Ian Robertson (52-54). He suffered a heart attack on the Beaumaris Town Green at  rugby match, and subsequently died.

Grief see Mr. Caldwell.

Mr Grime 1903 member of the academic staff. He married oin the summer of 1903.

Mr JH Hall BSc joined in 1917 to replace Mr CG Smith who left to join the RNVR.

Mr Hampson (Jackie) Was a Science teacher in 1953 and the term master for the 1954 intake. He was a keen amateur photographer and took many of the photos onboard the ship during her last passage from Plas Newydd. He retired in Sep 55 and lived in Somerset after retirement and died in 2005.

Mr Harris (Jet).

Mr Hampson retired in Aug 1955. He had been science master and was a keen photographer. He organised the Photographic Society. He was onboard the ship in 1953 when she was lost and he took all the onboard photos in the Image Archive for that last journey

Mr Thomas Hukkinson English master in 1881.

Humph see Mr Kingsford.

Jackie see Mr Hampson.

Jelly Belly see Mr Brenchley

Jet see Mr Harris.

Johnstone (Baby) 1960s.

Mr. Jones English teacher in 1960. “A very Welsh accent and a small moustache (no connection), taught English and seemed to me a very placid sort of guy. He had to be to put up with disruptive types like me. He lived away from the school, but no doubt took his turn as duty teacher on occasions when others were away.”

Mr Percy Jones employed as a temporary French Master in Dec 1915 to cover for a member of staff serving in the forces.

Mr Kearsey master at least 1891-4. Educated at Repton School 1880-83

Ken see Mr. Bayliss.

Mr Kidley employed as a temporary Master from Jan 1916 to cover for a member of staff serving in the forces. He was a retired Cunard Line officer.

Mr King (Gaff).

Mr Paul Kingsford (Humph – in the 50s, aka Newie – around 1961 and through the 60s aka Ning Ning, aka Sping) 194? To 1974. History teacher and coach of the “Fire in your bellies” Colts rugby team. Coached the cricket 1st XI.

Despite strong rumours that he had once played chess with Rommel iun the Wesetrn desert pne OC recalls "he also referred to the Rommel story, and without being able to remember the full story, I can tell you that he told us that it was in fact not true"

Mr Kirby (Rip) a North Countryman who was on the academic staff.

Mr David Kirkham Head of English and Housemaster 1971-74 Born at Wembley in 1943, he went to the Skinners' Company's School in Tunbridge Wells and thereafter to Pembroke College, Cambridge. At Pembroke he read for the English Tripos. Cambridge was followed by two years lecturing at university, firstly at the University of Alexandria in Egypt, and secondly at the University of Cologne. After a year studying for his PGCE at the Institute of Education in London, he set off for Alberta in Canada teaching at Eastglen Senior High School. In 1970 he returned to this country spending a year at the Vintners Secondary School in Maidstone before taking up a post as Head of English and boarding Housemaster at the HMS Conway Navy Cadet School, Anglesey. Again, He said that the experience "taught me how marvelously self-reliant, inventive and miserable children could be at a boarding school." "Meeting David was like being hit by a hurricane, or perhaps a Tempest to use a more literary expression.” David ran the rugby XV in which there was a rather elegant fly-half called Iain Duncan Smith and an even more elegant centre called Clive Woodward. After Conway he moved to the Newport Free Grammar School.

"Under all his professionalism, there lies a quiet, courteous family man whose interests lie in gardening and astronomy.

Lads see Mr Goodey

Mr Charles Light academic master in 1894

Mr Joseph Light (Charlie) Maths master at least 1870 left Oct 1898.

Mr McNaught master - left to join the forces in 1914.

Mr Mackness (master) left Dec 1901.

Mons. Meunier visiting French Master left Aug 1905 after 20 years of service.

Mr Milroy (Stoolie) Taught Science (possibly English) 1951-5. He rode a 125 motor bike with a huge crash helmet.

Mr H J Moon History master at least Autumn term 1920.

Mr James Morgan re-joined July 1911 as mathematics and Naval Class teacher. In 1920 he was the Senior Master. Previously a member of staff 1903 to 1906 as the Mathematics Master to the old Navy Class. He was educated at Beaumaris Grammar School and Jesus College, Oxford.

Mr. Murphy (The Sheriff – because he was for a while the Mayor of Beaumaris, aka Spud) Taught Navigation “Oh he of perfect circles”. “Great sense of humour. Sheriff of Beaumaris pronounced ‘B.E.A.U. (pause) Maris’ He had an ancient car which he called Snowball.” He was one of the very few who held an extra masters ticket in both steam and sail.

Mr Mylroi retired in Aug 1955 to get married.

Mr Naylor employed as a temporary Master from May to Oct 1915 to cover for a member of staff serving in the forces. He left to become a Vice Consul in Tromso.

Newie see Mr Kingsford

Mr Roland Palm A Swedish Gymnast taught PE for a short period May-June 1960. He wanted to join the staff but there was no funds even thought the previous PE Teacher (Mr Skinner) had died in 1959. He was a Silver medallist in the 56 Olympics. He came from Helsinbourg, Sweden and was invited to Conway by the then headmaster after several visits to Sweden by Conway cadets. “It was incredible watching him doing crucifixes and handstands on the rings up by the cricket pitch.”

Peanut see Mr Davies.

Mr Phillips (Dithery Dan).

Mr Ping employed as a temporary Master in Dec 1915 to cover for a member of staff serving in the forces. He came from St Albans School.

Mr Preen (Creeping Jesus aka Treen) replaced Peanut Davies in the early 50s. He retired in Aug 1955. His nickname was after the creatures who inhabited Venus in Dan Dare's strip in the Eagle comic. He organised the dramatic society.

Pug see Mr. Ken Bayliss.

Mr Pullen Assistant Master resigned Jul 1907.

Quack see William Potter.

Quacko see William Potter.

The Red Maggot name not known. Taught Science 1940-43; “No idea what his surname was but I still know how a moving galvanometer works (I think)”.

Mr Rhys-Evans (Greasy) English teacher in 60 and was picked up by the duty boat in P.D. He lived somewhere in Caernarfon.

Rip see Mr Kirby

Mr Rooney Joined staff as master teaching Maths, Science and Navigation in 1961, left in Dec 1962. A qualified Master Mariner. Previoulsy taught at Worcester. Profile (his own Notes) and phortos

Mr T R Sanderson taught Spanish at least 1952-3. "...a master, whom I remember partly because of his talent in teaching, but also because of his quiet and gentlemanly manner."

Mr G H Savage French master at least Autumn term 1920.

Scouse see Mr. Harrison.

The Sheriff (of Beaumaris) see Mr. Murphy.

Mr. Siville/Sewill (Bill) 1950s. Very quiet chap. Much liked and respected. I think that he was minus one lung due to being torpedoed on a tanker in the North Atlantic.

Skipper see Charles Ivey.

Mr CG Smith left in 1917 to join the RNVR and was replaced by Mr JH Hall BSc

Mr Sneath was a master in Oct 1898 and seems to have been in post for some years. He ran the choral society and the debating society. was also a sports master (reference to football and Sneath's Sixes")

Spare Bags see David Carroway.

Spike see Mr Owen.

Sping see Mr Paul Kingsford.

Spogsh see Mr. Carter.

Spud see Mr. Murphy.

Mr J W Stacey joined Sep 1924 as a PTI

Mr E Staveley MA (Oxon) joined in 1917 to replace Mr FG Bloyne who left to join the RNVR.

Stoolie see Mr Milroy.

Strike see Mr Hargraves

Mr A H Stuart. joined in Sep 1904 "A worthy colleague ... a valuable preceptor and sympathetic friend".

Mr Jas Stuart Senior Master who joined Oct 1898, left July 1911. In partnership with Captain Miller he formed a nautical school in South Street, Liverpool to coach candidates for their BoT examinations.

Mr E Sutcliffe. (Esso) Mathematics master 1906-07.  Obituary The Cadet 1959

Mr Howell Thomas Mathematics master at least Autumn term 1920.

Mr Thwaites September 1960. A very tall thin teacher with glasses?

Treen see Mr Preen

Mr Viner Drawing Master joined Sep 1905

Mr Weatherhead joined Oct 1898 from a  "distinguished career at Cambridge".

Rev Williams (Cupid, aka Bill the Bishop) Member of staff between (at least) 1951 and 1960 “Always hidden behind a newspaper, hardly ever saw his face!”. Believed to have been a Padre in the RN. “taught maths and loved his ale.”

“Cupid Williams – the Rev. W.L. Williams, defrocked (so we chose to believe) – taught maths. He also drank, quite heavily, and his blue-veined claws of hands shook like aspens in a breeze during the day’s first lesson. He was soft-hearted, and discipline was kept by consent: we liked him, which was enough. His way of teaching (which got me, a confirmed mathematical moron, a GCE “O” Level on the second attempt) was to say at the start of the lesson, “Right, then, gentlemen – if you want to learn, sit at the front. If you don’t, sit at the back and write a book or read a letter, but keep quiet.” He would frequently drop the chalk if the hangover was particularly shocking, and we’d offer helpful suggestions, like “Take the day off, sir!” or “Have a lie-down, sir – we won’t tell!” or “Hair of the dog, sir?” But we didn’t press our advantage. We regarded him with a kind of pitying affection, and it was rumoured (groundlessly as far as I knew) that he had a stunningly beautiful daughter. Why he was called Cupid was a mystery to me, unless the rumour had something to do with it.”

Mr. Woolley (Dodo) 1970s. Science teacher.

Wrong Way see Mr. Caldwell.

Mr A L Wood Taught navigation and coached the Hockey XI. Joined Jan 1902 from Greenwich Observatory, previoulsy at the RN Hopsital School. Retired 1939 after 37 yeasr service. Profile

Mr H M Wyatt, Joined ??, Left 30th Apr 1901 when the cadets presented him with a dressing case in "token of thier esteem and regard for him, and to show their appreciation of the valuable services which he has rendered." See The Cadet 1901 May.  He was a member of the academic staff who also supported athletics and other games. He moved to the College at Fareham.

Mr Wykes Assistant Master resigned Jul 1907.

Yo Ho see Mr Feasey.

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