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Staff - Headmasters

I have found reference to a Mr Brady as Headmaster but without his years being specified. There are no gaps in the appointments listed below so I have recorded his name here until I can obtain clarification.

2nd Aug1859 -30th Jun1863

Thomas Dobson BA (1814-1885) Taught navigation, maths and the use of nautical instruments. In 1863 he moved to be Head of Hexham High School.


1st Jul 1863 - 31 Aug 1892

Charles Barton (Bummy)


1 Sep 1892 - 31 Jul 1898

Joseph H. Light (Charlie)


1 Sept 1898 - 1 Mar 1911

James Stuart


1 Apr 1911 - 31 July 1923

James Morgan

Retiured due to ill health


1 Aug 1923 - 31 Jan 1935

Thomas P. Marchant BA

Joined as an Assistant Master in 1898 he gave 35 years service to the ship. Taught the Navy Class.

Obituary 1941

1 Feb 1935 - 31 Aug 1939

Tom E.W.Browne B.Sc. (TEWB)

(called "Spitfire" in the 1940s as he was ex RAF. More generally know as Tube because of his initials). The headmaster he used to teach us Physics. Wore a gown and mortar-board. When perplexed he had the habit of scratching his stern and then vigorously rubbing his nose, saying “Most extraordinary! Most extraordinary!” Liked by everybody.

He orgainsed the Snowdon Scout Group for may years. He was Assistant Commissioner for North Wales Scouts Training, leader of the UK contingent to the Jamboree at Niagara on the Lake, Canada, in 1955. He was also a Sea Scout Commissioner for a time. See

His autobiography was The Skyline Is A Promise, see bibliography

1 Sep 1939 - 30 Nov 1945

Robert H. Carter BA.(Bog Brush) Acting Headmaster during the war

(Spogsh aka Bog-Brush because of his crew cut) Senior Master calculus, also taught navigation. Acting Headmaster during the war while Tube was on active service. Perfectly ambidextrous. “Once he set a Maths exam which was so difficult nobody could do it (average was about 2%) and they had to re-scale all the results. I was quite good at Maths but I only got about 15% I think.”

1 Dec 1945 - 31 Jul 1964

Tom E.W.Browne B.Sc. (TEWB) (returned from war time service in the RAF)


1 Aug 1964 - 17 Jul 1974

Basil Lord MA (Oxon) A Inst P


Basil aka Foxey aka Lordy). Headmaster 1964-74 Nicknames derived from a TV hand puppet of the time called Basil Brush.

An Honours Boards made from the Ship's timbers listing the 9 Headmasters (Tom Browne served twice) hangs in the Conway Chapel at Birkenhead Priory, paid for from donations to the Captain Hewitt Memorial Fund.

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