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Staff - Sick Bay

There was always a sick bay in the ships. At Rock Ferry there was also a shore sanatorium, Willow House from 19?? to 1914 and from 1914 to 1940, the purpose built Conway House adjacent to the Knowlsey Road playing fields. The latter has been demolished and replaced by a very conspicuous block of flats with a blue top.

At Bangor from 1940 to Conway had use of Bryn Mel (now an Old People's nursing home) along the road from Glyn Garth slip/the Antelope Hotel. Bryn Mel was a large summer holiday residence owned by Miss L Johnson of the Johnson Warren Line (later Furness Withy).

At Plas Newydd from 1949 to 1974 there was the sick bay in the house. That has now been converted into a staff flat for the National Trust.


1920'sDr J Noble MB CM Obituary 1929

Dr John Wilson-Reid
Obituary The Cadet 1954 01
Obituary The Cadet 1954 02


Dates are taken from various editions of The Cadet - various overlaps cannot be explained. There were however often a Sister/Matron/Senior Nurse as well as a supporting Nurse/Orderly.

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1859 - 1877ish
circa 1877 - at least the end of 1904 Mrs Williams - she ran the snaitorium in Conway House. From 1904 she was matron of of Willow House until it was superceded by Conway House in 1914. She was "the personification of kindness and sympathy ... had a very large heart ... a capable mind and body ... was always a faithfull and trusted servant of the ship ... ever cheerfull".

circa 1882 to 1902 Dec Nurse Annie Adams matron of sickbay.

Nurse 1900 - ????. Matron from Jan 1903 to ???? Nurse Fillingham became matron of sickbay from Jan 1903. She worked for the previous three years as a night nurse and part time nurse in sickbay.
1906 Dec - 1910 Easter term Miss C Lendrum

1910 Easter term - 1910 December Sister in Charge Miss I Haws.
She trained at Reading before working at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh and the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading from where she joined Conway. She left in December 1910 to get married. She was much appreciated for "way she carried out her duties in the sick bay and the heaarty and sympathetic manner in which she had entered into the social life of the ship".

Dec 1908 to Dec 1918 F Coppack was Ward Maid

19?? - 1924 Dec Sister Shearer

Jul 1924 to 19?? Sister Ironmonger

193? - 1960 Mrs Walters was Nurseand/or Sister during this time. She was known for her "spotlessly crisp white hospital uniform". Assisted by her husband, she ran the sanatorium at Rock Ferry, then at Bryn Mel, Anglesey and finally operated the tuck-shop cum café at Plas Newydd.

circa 1931 to July 1951 Sister Parry SRN retired after 20 year on board. She was “a good-humoured and gentle lady who made being sick a pleasure. I never knew her get ruffled, though she had plenty to try her patience.” Obituary The Cadet 1958

from 19?? to Apr 1954 Sister Zptumska. She had a thick accent and I remember her wielding a very large and thick needle full of penicillin when I was in Sick Bay for boils in my ear,despite her rather scary appearance she was a real softy at heart.

May 1954 to at least 1962 Sister Griffiths aka "Sexy Griff" Photo in Staff

Mr Rooney said of her "I found her a very hard lady that took no prisoners. I undertsnad she left Conway to become Matron of a nursing home in Caernarfon. Pity the senipor Citizens.

19?? to 1965(?) Sister Evans

1965(?) to early 1970 Sister Glenys Wynn Jones Crossed The Bar 2013

early 1970 to mid 1971 Miss Fay Kendal Crispin who had recently obtained her SRN qualification at the Liverpool Royal.

1971 to 1974 ???


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