The Conlan “Ship” Window

One window in the chapel overlooks the Ship’s old mooring in the Sloyne off Rock Ferry pier. A very clever window has been installed which, when viewed from the correct angle,  gives the impression that the Ship is moored there still. The window was kindly donated in memory of Captain Trevor Conlan by his family.

Trevor Conlan's family have agreed to the placing of two additional Memorial Boards on either side of the Conlan window to accommodate plaques in memory of deceased Old Conways. The plaques can be seen below. Those who wish to remember members of their family, or Old Conways who wish in the fullness of time have their own named plaque added to the Memorial Boards can do so.The individual brass plaques are approximately 3” x 1” bearing the name and Conway dates of each applicant. We already have many names including Captain Hewitt, Paul Revill, Cyril Abraham and several OCs who are still with us but wish to be included when they cross the Bar. Individual brass plates will be displayed in date order, the cost is £25 and payment should be sent to David Holbert. Click here for the order form.