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Alfie Windsor 1998
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The HMS Conway Image Archive

In 1998 we started this archive with just 200 images. It now has 12,487 photos and documents of and about HMS Conway, her cadets and staff.

The majority - over 6,000 images - are 'historic' photos dating from 1859 to 1974. Approximately 1,600 are Documents (1859-1974), 1,000 are obituaries, 500 are in the Art  Gallery of paintings, drawings and cartoons,  3,000 of are modern images of reunions, Conway scenes today and OCs as they look now, and 50 are film/video clips. They are organised into groups of albums as listed at the bottom of this page. 

Send Me New or Improved Images

If any of my captions are incorrect, if you have a better quality copy of any image (I thought it preferable to have poor images rather than no images), or if you have new images/documents please email them to me. PLEASE save me a lot of work by  adopting these naming rules.


I have reproduced images provided from a huge range of sources in good faith, reproducing copyright wher known. If you believe an image is your copyright and you have not approved the image's use, please email me.

Some of the images are the copyright of named individuals or organisations. No images from this archive may be reproduced in any form without the prior approval of the owners. Please contact me before using any images and I will put you in touch with the owner.

Latest Accessions               

Audio By Year By Year Art Gallery Branch & Other Events
Film By Theme eg Dock, Gig, Cricket.... By Theme e.g. Prize Lists, Term Calendars
  Club AGM Minutes
Video Individual OCs
Cadets' Obituaries

Club Annual Accounts
3D animated model of the ship*
Members of Staff
Staff Obituaries
Club Dinners: Photos & Programmes

People, Places & Things "Today"

Reunions: Photos & Programmes

* A phenomenal 3D rendering of the ship produced by the grandaughter of an OC. She has used the Vietnamese model as the basis of her modelling so there are a few discrepancies but they are immaterial compared to the final result. It is simply stunning. 



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