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Alfie Windsor 1998
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  Searching For Someone?

There are several ways you can find details of or contact individual Conways

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The Email List

The list of OCs with email addresses is now maintained as part of the Conway Chat Group where it is more secure from spammers.

If you are an OC and would like to be included in the listing, or to view it please follow the instructions to register: click here.

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The Cadets' List

This lists the names and years of all Conway cadets. It is gradually being updated with links to anything known about them in the public domain, including shipping company joined, newspaper articles, web links, photos, works of art, bibliography, personal / business web sites, family trees, Lost At Sea List, WWI and WWII Memorial Lists, letters (prior to 1930), gallantry awards and obituaries.

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Trying To Locate...

You have three options:

  1. If you are a member of the Conway Club - buy a copy of the current Club Membership List ‚ It has names, addresses, phone numbers of over 2,000 OCs...
    Buy Conway related items
  2. Ask the Conway Club to insert something in the next Newsletter asking for information of the person you are searching for.
    Contact the Conway Club
  3. Join the Conway chat group and ask them. Someone is bound to know....

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Cadet Records

The Merseyside Maritime Museum holds the personal records of all Conway Cadets. Subject to certain safeguards required under the present legislation regarding personal data, the records are open to public research so anyone can obtain copies of a cadet's records no matter how long ago they were a cadet.

For further details go to the 'Relics & Artifacts' page of this website, and look under Merseyside Maritime Museum.

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Chat Room

Over 400 OCs from all over the world have joined the Conway Chat Group to chat about Conway and things nautical. A separate "QB Corner" allows those who must to indulge themselves and be grumpy old men about just about everything. A  "Family & Friends" section has also been set up. Details can be found here

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