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Conway Club

About The Conway Club
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About The Conway Club

The Conway Club was founded in 1910 by the late Captain H W Broadbent RD RNR who was at that time Captain Superintendent of HMS Conway. The first President of the Club was Major Sir Hamilton Gould Adams. He was President for 11 years,

The main purpose of the Conway Club is to maintain and foster social relationship between former Cadets of the Ship and the Conway shore establishment.

Club Badge/Crest

The following descriptions are the best information available at present. Conway adopted its first badge in 1859. It is shown on the right. This seems to have survived until the formation of the Club in 1910. The Club quickly adopted its own badge and I assume that the Conway and Club badges existed in parallel for many years. At some point (perhaps version 3 below) the two badges must have merged. There have been several versions of the Club badge over the years.

-  The original badge (version1 below) adopted when the Club was formed in 1910 featured the letters CC i.e. Conway Club.

-  In 1925 these were changed to OC i.e. Old Conway.

-  The badge was later changed to that familiar to us today; the Ship surrounded by a golden laurel wreath, surmounted by the red castle and with the motto hand written in black on a golden scroll below. The first example of this (version 3 of which I have no example (yet!)) included a very detailed rigging. At some point it was changed again.

-  Version 4 appears similar but was actually quite different. The hull of the Ship was rather stylised and the rigging was virtually nonexistent. A red badge shape was added around the rest of the crest. The wreath became red, the scroll white and the motto red. The castle was not centred properly.

-  Version 5 in use to this day, reverted to the colours and style of version 3 except that the rigging was greatly simplified. The motto was still handwritten but was written anew. The observant may have spotted that the crest on the cover of the new history of the ship has been rewritten again in printed text rather than hand-written text.

Larger versions are in the Crests Badges & Ensigns album. If you have better information please email me.

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Membership of the Club is open to all Cadets who served in the HMS Conway school training ship and are known as Old Conways, providing they completed a full course of training. It is to be hoped that this Website will encourage those Old Conways who have never belonged to join, or who have ceased to belong to rejoin, the Club. Provision is also made in the Club Rules for Honorary membership of the Club, for those who have at any time been closely associated with the Conway or with members of the Club.

Membership subscription is GBP15 for full life or GBP5 annually, payable to the Hon. Treasurer on 1st January each year.

Please print, complete and post the Application Form (Word document) from this page.

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The Committee of the Conway Club by unanimous agreement of all members invite especially deserving or meritorious persons to fill the position of Patron of the Conway Club. The present patrons are:

The Most Honourable The Marquess of Anglesey
Captain David T Smith OBE FNI RN


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Presidents Of The Conway Club


1910 - 20

Major Sir Hamilton Goold Adams GCB


1921 - 30

Admiral Sir Sackville H Carden KCMG


1930 - 34

John Masefield OM, LL.D


1935 - 40

Captain Sir Edward Headlam CSI, CMG, DSO, FRGS, RIM


1941 - 48

Captain SS Richardson OBE, RD, RNR


1949 - 58

Air Chief Marshall Sir Richard E C Peirse KCB, DSO, AFC


1959 - 69

Captain W H Coombes CBE, RNR (Hon)


1969 - 72

Captain E Hewitt RD RNR



Captain D T Smith RN


1973 - 75

Commodore D T Smith RN


1976 - 82

Captain D T Smith RN


1983 - 85

Commander T Kinloch-Jones RN


1986 - 90

Captain L J Thompson MNI


1991 - 92

Captain R J R Tyrell


1992 - 96

Captain L J Thompson MNI


1997 - 99

J F Sheldrake Esq JP


2000 - 02

Commander J W H F Dickie OBE RNZN


2003 - 05

Capt DNB Nutman MNI

  2006 - 09 A Smith Esq
  2010 - Tom Mason Esq

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Officers & Committee

The Club's Officers and Committee are chosen from members of the Club and is limited in number to 24, elected annually at the AGM.


  President Tom Mason
  Vice President John McCaughrean
    Alfie Windsor

Hon VP

J H Lockwood
  Hon Secretary Margaret Hollinrake
Hon Mem
  Hon Treasurer C B Smith
  Hon Chaplain The Rev S Douglas Lane
  Hon Auditor C H Plummer

Committee (from Jan 2010)

44-45 Lt Cdr John HeathRNR

48-50 Capt Alan G Burns

50-51 Captain Terry W Powell

51-52 Captain David Owen

52-54 John F Sheldrake JP

54-56 Geoff R Cowap

56-58 Lt Col David G Hilton

56-59 Lt Cdr C Conrad Blakey OBE RD JP

56-59 Captain Michael M Reeves

64-66 Archie F Smith

66-70 Ken C Huggins

67-70 Rob B Tubb

72-74 Matt B Burrow


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The Cadet Newsletter

The newsletter has been rebranded as The Cadet and caries echoes of the original format. It is published twice a year in Spring and Summer. It is full of information on social events, news on the activities of Old Conways around the world and graphic reports from the personal history of Old Conways.

Your letters, reminiscences, news, etc., are all welcome. Closing dates for copy are:

Spring - 28th February
Summer - 30th June

but contributions received after those dates will be included if possible.

Copy for the Newsletter can either be posted to the Editor via the Hon Sec

Mrs M S Hollinrake
64 Cambridge Drive
West Yorkshire
LS21 1DD

Tel: + 44 (0)1943 465141

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Social Functions

Annual Dinner Dance

This major function usually takes place with the AGM, alternately in the North and South of the UK in October. Please refer to the Diary for full details of the current and forthcoming year's Annual Dinners.

Annual London Buffet Party

This usually takes place on the first Thursday in June at a venue overlooking the Thames commencing at 1830, and is well attended by Old Conways and their guests from near and far. Details of the next event are in the Diary.

Branch Events

Most Branches in the UK and overseas hold annual dinners and other functions on a regular basis. Please consult the Diary for details.

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AGMs are held annually in October. Full details are posted on the Diary page.

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The Conway Club has branches throughout the world established for the furtherance of social contact. They operate as independent organisations and there is no structural, legal or financial linkage between individual branches and the Conway Club e.g. the Conway Club Committee listed above has no organisational control over branches. Some are "joint" branches with members from Conway, Worcester, Pangbourne (CWP) and General Botha.

Each branch is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who give freely of their time and energies to keep Conway chums in contact and the name of Conway alive.

Wherever you are in the world you are encouraged to contact your local branch and join the local group. Contact can be made through the individual listed below. .

If your Branch isn't listed, take up your pen (or keyboard) and contact us to ensure that you are included in the next update of this website. Please provide details of the Branch Secretary's address, ideally an email address and a phone number that the Secretary is prepared to have broadcast on the website, and a note of planned activities and social events.

List of Branches


                        Contact                     (This may not be the Branch Secretary)

Email & Phone
Central Canada

Hon Sec.: Tonu Soovere 53/55


Phone:  1 416 694 6014

England - East Midlands


Phone:  441623462478

England - North East (CWP)
Hon Secretary. Rodney Burges OP


Phone: 441325 374835

  Events & Treasurer: George Brown OC


Phone: 441287623213

England - North West


Phone:  441516255727

  Events: Geoff Cowap


Phone: 441257462113

England - South East


Phone:  442082935999

England - Solent

Email:   see

Phone:  442380293270

England - South West
A. Mitchell


Phone:  441822841086

New South Wales


Phone:  61294519074

Queensland (CWP)


Phone:  61755378298



Phone:  441436675696

South Australia


Phone: 61882783430



Phone:  16049244903

Vancouver Island (CWP)

Prsident: J Palliser

Hon Sec.: D.Chudley (OW)

Email:   Phone:  1 2504777892

Email:  Phone:  1 250752 1963

Victoria Australia (CWP)


Phone:  61352815068

Western Australia (CWP)


Phone:  61893358115


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Contact The Club

You can contact the Conway Club through the Club Secretary

Mrs M S Hollinrake
64 Cambridge Drive
West Yorkshire
LS21 1DD

Tel: + 44 (0)1943 465141


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