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Staff - Padres

Rev J H Barr joined on Sep 13th - left Jul 19th but years not known!

1859 - 1870s
Rev. Henry O'Brien

1870s – 1899


1880 - 1891 Feb Rev T E M Hutchinson

1891 Feb - ?? Mr C Armfield

1896 - 1900 The Cadet magazine observed that there were 6 chaplains in the four years before 1901 including some periods with none.

1898 - 1905 Jul?
Rev E Lambert MA
Dates based on Gig Crew photos
Photos with 1898, 1899, 1903, 1904 and 1905
Gig Crew

1899 Mar - 1900ish Rev Mr Dickenson

?? – 1900 Jul
Rev W L Latham
Presented with a silver platter May 1900 to celebrate his marriage but seems not to have been long in post. He moved on to be Rector of Newhall, Derbyshire (The Cadet 1900 10 page 1)

Sep 1900 - ??
Rev G H McNeile joined (The Cadet 1900 10 page 1)

1903 Mar - 1910 April
Rev H Leslie Parker
Left to become an Army chaplain at Chatham. The Cadet article describing his departure says he joined in Sep 1901 yet earlier editions confirm the June 1903 date. Described as “tactful, conciliating, keen and sympathetic, he has been a favourite alike with his colleagues and generations of cadets.” The post of padre had been ill defined before his appointment and he also extended the roll into games master and sport. He was extremely well regarded. 
Obituary 1948

19?? - 1908 - 19?? Rev Douglas "Long Tom" Hobson
The Cadet refers to him in 1908 yet this conflicts with dates for other named padres. I've included him here for completeness. Also games master.

1910 June - 1913 Aug
Rev J F Spink BA
Joined as padre and games master from Weymouth College. He also played for the Harlequins rugby team. Moved to the Cathedral School Bristol.
Obituary The Cadet 1964

1913 Sep - 1919 Dec (actually left July)
Rev J H Barr BA.
A graduate of Christ’s College Cambridge (a rowing, football, swimming and Warer polo blue) and previously curate of Beeston (Notts). He moved to the living of St James, Congleton, Cheshire.
Obituary 1935

1919 Sep 15th – 1925 Apr 25th
Rev Hugh Archibald James
Left to be instituted and inducted as Vicar of St Annes, Sale, Cheshire on 11 April, 1925. He had formerly served as Chaplain to HMS Conway. “A great sportsman, active and quick in movement, much wider in his views on churchmanship and more tolerant.” Mr James resigned the living in 1931 to go to Hartfield in Sussex, where later he died."

1925 May 1st – 1926 Jul

Rev W W H Nash MA

1926 Jul – 192? (photo in The Cadet Easter 1927
Rev C F Crichton MA RNVR
192? – 1928 Apr

1928 Apr – 1930
Rev Dennis B Hall  

1930 – 193?
Rev Kenneth C Edmunds

1935 May
The Padre was a soldier who wore uniform

1939 - 1948
Rev. Trevor Vickery aka Slippery Vic
He was Rector of Staplehurst from 21st December 1951 to his retirement on 29th September 1991, the longest serving Rector since the establishment of the Rectorship in 1245. A memorial window was installed in the Parish Church of All Saints dedicated to his memory. The window, with its Welsh theme, has in the centre light, St David, Patron Saint of Wales, with other Welsh symbols, including the dragon, daffodil and leek. The arms of the Vickery family and Conway are in other areas of the window.
Photo with 1943-4 Boxing Team

1948 - 1949 End of Easter term
Rev L H Williams aka Bill the Bishop

1949 Start of Summer term - 1952 Nov (approx) Rev A H Gibbon
1952 Nov (approx) - 1969 Rev E A Turner aka The Little Man
Joined Conway from TS Mercury. Small and wiry, he was an Olympic long distance runner representing Great Britain in the Marathon at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. He was an exponent of the Finnish Style of running which meant keeping your heel down and literally sloping over the ground to save energy. To make it more effective you had to lean forward slightly at a specific angle to provide the necessary thrust to maximize forward motion. In his day he could sure cover the ground and a truly remarkable speed and was the very devil to keep up with. Fought in the Western Desert during the War. As Padre he was allotted the task of holding and distributing pocket money to Cadets hence the phrase “Yes Yes - here's your five shillings”.

1969 - 1973 Rev. Alex Harrison.
“He is in the 71 photo sitting next to Brookie. If memory serves he was an ex RAF sky pilot - I seem to recall the RAF wings on his vestments.” Seconded from the Missions to Seamen.

1973 - 1974 Rev. Roy Chalkley. Obituary

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