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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.

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Accessions (since 1st Jan 2017)

Master Under God by Fred Nicholls

Published by: Starborn Books; 1st ed edition (1 Nov. 2004)
Paperback:  418 pages
ISBN-10: 1899530207
ISBN-13: 978-1899530205

A fictionalised account of life aboard one of the tough Welsh windjammers of the late 19th Century, the Figaro,  in the nitrates trade around the Horn to northern Chile. These Welsh ships were crewed mostly by men from the villages and small ports of the principality - tight knit and often related or neighbours ashore so a close Welsh speaking and stable community in a hard trade.

After an accident in Chile the Master has to take on a well-educated, middle class English officer trained aboard one of the "new fangled" training ships - HMS Conway. The story is the impact of this officer on a small and closed shipboard community - partly an account of the effect on one ship of the increased professionalism throughout the Merchant Service intended by the Liverpool Ship owners who founded the "Conway". A well written account of life aboard a merchant vessel. Oh there is romance too but not of the swooning one-dimensional variety. The Master's wife and daughter are aboard and the daughter's conservative chapel upbringing is severely tested by the young officer's modern views and her own teenage hormones...

As well as social change technological change is, literally, on the horizon in the form of an early PSNC steamer, commanded by another fictional OC, which the crew, sensing the threat to their futures, regard with a mixture of awe, fear, respect and scorn. A bit like our generation of seafarers sometimes regarded the first box boats.

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