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Items For Sale - Non Conway Sources

B&B in Canada

John Aspin (47/48) resides Prince Edward Island, Canada.He and his wife run a B&B

"Snugged between woodland hiking trails and a broad expanse of private beach, The Anchorage beckons the outdoor enthusiast and the lover of nature. Here you can find a perfect balance between exhilerating physical activity and complete rest and relaxation in our quiet, pastoral area of Prince Edward Island. Excellent golf courses, great cycling trails, fresh and salt water fishing all abound nearby. "

OC's are half rate at our cottage-allows them and us to book ahead. Book now!

Books - See Bibliography for a list of books by OCs and about Conway/OCs. Please use the Amazon portal there to buy books as that provides income to maintain this site.

CD Masefield's Salt Water Ballads 

                                                                                             has an image of the ship on the cover




CD John Masefield's first commercial recording. For details and to order click here

Model of the Ship

Large and very impressive model of the ship made in Vietnam. Many OCs have bought one and been very pleased with it. They also sell glass display cases. There are a few inconsistancies in the model e.g. the gun ports are just open holes and some of the blocks are not to scale but this remains a magnificent model.

Photos for sale   This is supposedly a photo of the ship at Rock Ferry in the 1940s. Trouble is she left Rock Ferry in 1941 and by 1939 her white lines had beeen painted out .The figurehead was masted in 1938 so the image is 38-39

iStockphoto has an image of the Coway anchor for sale

Plans Of HMS Nile

Available from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Size 4' by 2'

Print of HMS Nile Sailing

The best image of the ship sailing as Nile? Available from Brown, Son & Ferguson click here

Video - Seasoned Sailors (Set 4 No.2)

A video in the Seasoned Sailors series features Old Conway R. W. (Bob) Timbrell (1935-1937).

He left Vancouver in 1935 to find his way in the naval world and first went to the training ship HMS Conway in the Mersey. The video has brief background shots of Conway.

During WW II he was given command of a hired yacht (Llanthonthy) and sent to the beaches of Dunkirk to rescue allied troops. He became the first Canadian naval officer to be decorated in WW II and was awarded the DSC "for good services in the withdrawal of Allied Armies from the beaches of Dunkirk". He gives a gripping account of his three trips to the evacuation beaches. The Dunkirk film coverage is impressive.

Seasoned Sailors: "Rear Admiral R.W. Timbrell CMM DSc MID CD RCN (Retired)". Set 4 No.2. Video running time 52 minutes.

Produced by:

Policy Publishers Inc, PO Box 74001, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 2HM, Canada

Fax: (613) 741-6013.

E-mail address:

The video is available in NTSC (US and Canada) and PAL or SECAM formats. Additional info, including pricing and order form, is available on the Seasoned Sailors website:



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