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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.

Newspapers & Magazine Articles

Afloat magazine

Australian magazine published an article about Conway by Roger Wickins which explored the enormous contribution HMS Conway training ships had on Australia and New Zealand maritime trade. Click here.

Army & Navy Gazette I July 1876

Announced the arrival of HMS Nile on the Mersey.

Army & Navy Illustrated Magazine

Published a special Conway Supplement on 7th May 1898.

Boys Own Paper Saturday March 1889

The front cover carried a print of cadets onboard

 The original two page article is here.

BP Apprentices' Newsletter Coronation Year Issue

Contained an article by 2nd Officer GAB King on the loss of the Ship.

(The) Cadet

The Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AQ, UK is the custodian of Conway archives, including The Cadet magazine published from 1891 onwards.

The Vancouver Conway Club holds a complete set of The Cadet Magazine from August 1948 through October 1968. If anyone would like to look up information, scan pages, etc., please contact Simon Farrow (54-56) farrows@home.com

Daily Mail July 1981

Records the escape from Iran of the vessel 'Haider A' from the Iranian Port of Abandar Abbaas. She had been held in port for 16 days before the Captain (Capt W Davey (40-42) decided to leave despite the Iranians' threats. The crew had not been supplied with water and were in desperate straits. They broke out through the Iranian Navy with shells landing all around them.

Daily Mail

Numerous articles about Conway click here

Devonport Independent & Plymouth & Stonehouse Gazette Sat 29 June 1839

Contains a long article on the launch of HMS Nile

Diver Magazine June 1996

Tells the story of the disappearance of Lionel 'Buster' Crabb and what is thought to have become of him.


Edinburgh Philosophical Journal (Volume III, 1820)

Describes the first exploration and charting of Hughes Bay, South Shetland Islands by HMS Conway.

Everybody’s Magazine 1953

Many Conway cadets were aboard RN ships for the Queen’s naval review after her coronation. The Royal Yacht Britannia, having only recently been laid down, the Queen inspected the fleet from the Admiralty despatch vessel Surprise. A 21-gun salute was fired as the Surprise sailed down the lines of ships, dressed overall, and the special edition of this magazine includes a picture of Conway cadets, lining the deck of HMS Dido, showing one of them clearly wincing from a deafening gun report – very un-naval like! He knows who he is, but his secret is safe with me!

Everybody's Magazine (July 1953)

An article on the new Queen's Spithead review included a photo of Conway cadets aboard HMS Dido.

(The) Field October 1889

Warrington Baden Powell began a series of articles on the canoe-yawl. He is still acknowledged as one of the pioneers of canoe sailing.



Hampshire Chronicle 23 January 2000

Records the award by Red Funnel of a long service award to Captain Smoult for 25 years service.


Illustrated London News 1854

Carried a print of the Nile off Sekar in the baltic

Illustrated London News 30 June 1864

Carried an article and drawing of the Duke Of Edinburgh presenting prizes on board. Nearly 1000 visitors were present.

Independent Newspaper 27 March 2000

Feature on C R Woodward (1969-74) full time coach of the England Rugby Football Club


Lighthouse Fall 1989

The magazine of the Canadian Hydrogaphy Service. Page 51 of this edition is the obituary fro Ralph Wills (Conway 1930-31)

Liverpool Mercury 19 May 1859

Article on the formation of the School Ship Conway

Liverpool Mercury 4 July 1859

Article about the arrival of HMS Nile on recruiting trip

Liverpool Mercury 2 August 1859

Article on the opening of HMS Conway (and the attendance of HMS Nile's band)

Liverpool Mercury 3 August 1859

Article on the departure of HMS Nile

London Gazette 13th November 1945

The citation for the award of the VC to Lt Ian Fraser VC, DSC RNR

London Gazette 27th June 1941

The citation for the award of the GC to Sub. Lt F H Brooke-Smith RNR

Manchester Guardian April 22nd - 1953

Published a poem Total Loss by "F.D.", on the loss of the ship

(The) Mariner's Mirror (Vol. 81, London, 1995)

pp 88-89. An article on HMS Conway's Cutters by A W Kinghorn

Nautical Magazine: Vol. 212, No. 5, November 1954

Article concerning cadets of the Indefatigable (another training ship) and Conway when they were both moored off New Ferry, Liverpool.

Nautical Magazine Vol:212 November 1974

Carried the poem 'Farewell Conway'

Naval & Military Gazette 21 June 1876

Announced the transfer of HMS Nile to the Mersey and her re-naming as HMS Conway.

Navy News: December 1995

Article on the figurehead.

Navy News: January 1996

Article on the figurehead.

Navy News: June 2000

Reports appointment of the Venerable Simon Golding (years not known) as Chaplain of the Fleet and Director General of the Naval Chaplaincy Service.

New York Times 6 November 1940

Contained the obituary of Sir Arthur Henry Rostron KBE RD RNR. Old Conway and Captain of the Carpathia that rescued 700 titanic survivors.


North Wales Live
             Article 'The historic ship which ran aground after naval chiefs refused to listen to local experts' , part of their series Events That  
               Shook North Wales series


Oak Bay Star (Victoria BC) 5 February 1992

Article about Capt J Walbran (1862-64) entitled 'A Man Fascinated By Names'

On Board Magazine (Spring 2012)

Includes an article titled  Salty Sea Dog by Capt Michael Howorth (64-67)

Pall Mall Magazine

Summer 1901 edition contained a review of Conway.

Picture Postcard Monthly October 1991 and May 1993

Carried a feature on HMS Conway on postcards


Port Dinorwic Sailing Club Newsletter Spring 2001

Refers to Conway cadets racing PD One Design boats in the late 1940s against Liverpool University. Anyone have more info?

(The) Review (House magazine of the Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association)

Published two articles by Cdr John Lewis (30-33): �Under two Ensigns Or Every Dog Has His Day' and �Temporary Tug to Trinco'.

Salvage Lines Issue 33 Summer 1999

The house magazine of the Salvage Association records the retirement after 30 years service of Andrew Marshall (Conway years not know). Includes an interview with him and several photos


Sea Breezes : Vol. 67, No. 576, December 1993

Article on the re-erection of the Mizzen Mast in Birkenhead.

Sea Breezes November 1994

Article on Capt Hewitt's 90th birthday trip aboard the ultra modern Holyhead catamaran ferry. (Captained by an OC)

Sea Breezes June 2009

The June 2009 edition had a special feature about Conway's 150th anniversary written by Michael Howorth (64-67). We feature on the front cover! To order a copy click here

(The) Seafarer September 2002

3 page article by of his time in the ship around 1941 (reproduced in History - Bangor Years with permission of the magazine and author)

Shipping Today & Yesterday October 2014

Article by Sandy Kinghorn "HMS Conway AS I Knew Her" click here

Sphere Magazine 2 December 1961

This was a National monthly(?) magazine in the style of 'Country Life that covered British life as the "Establishment" perceived it should be. In this edition they ran a long feature on the Conway which, by then, was The Camp. A complete copy of the article and all the photos are in the Thumbnails section.

Sydney Mail 15th Jul 1925

A long article describes a visit to the ship

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) 5th October 1838

"The Royal Navy ship HMS Conway arrived in Sydney on the 4th October 1838 after sailing around the South Seas area. When she arrived, she brought with her a number of rescued American and British seamen, and several runaway convicts, one of whom had been missing for a number of years and was involved with the taking of the schooner Culedonia."

(The) Tatler 13th December 1939

Published a full page, full colour spread of two Conway paintings by Gordon Ellis. View here

Watercraft Philately Volume 29

Page 56 refers to stamp of HMS Conway. More details are being sought.


Yorkshire Post Monday 23 August 1999

Reports discovery of a long forgotten and overgrown memorial to James Moody - the 6th Officer of the Titanic. One of several erected by his parents - another is a rose marble plaque in St Martin's On The Hill church and there is one in Grimsby although its whereabouts are not known. Unfortunately the memorial in Woodlands Cemetery has lost its memorial cross. It is hoped the memorial will be restored. It also reports plans to erect a public memorial to Moody in Grimsby.

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