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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.

Books With Conway Content

(Books that refer to HMS Conway or Conway cadets but that were not wrtiiten by Old Conways)

A History Of The Merchant Navy by H Moyse Bartlett

Published in 1937 by George Harrap, London (there is a copy in the Book Barn in Glastonbury!)

Several mentions of the Conway (Worcester and Pangbourne) and their role in supplying officer cadets. Interestingly, even at this early date, the author suggests that shipping lines were finding it cheaper to recruit direct and not from the training ships. Also has a section on the role of the RNR and a suggestion that the newly introduced rank of Midshipman RNR was filled only by OCs OWs and OPs.


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Adventures of Captain Kettle by Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne

Publisher by M A Donohue & Co (Chicago) in 1899

A series of short stories originally published in Pearsons magazine. The author was not an OC but, according to a review in The Cadet seveal of his characters were trained in Conway. He did not visit the ship but may have had an OCs as advisor. The full text can be read online here but there is only one Conway reference. The Conway references is "I'm an old Conway boy, and was brought up to respect discipline". The author eventaully wrote a series of Cpatain Kette book so perhaps he included Conway references in those as well. The series was "..soon as popular as Conan Doyle...". It was turned into a movie released in 1922 , clips viewable hereKettle was based on the real life British sailor "he was a renowned British adventurer and lecturer" who also starred in the film


Anglesey and Lleyn Shipwrecks by Ian Skidmore

Published by  Christopher Davies Publishers in 1988. Paperback with 168 pages.
ISBN-10: 071540704X
ISBN-13: 978-0715407042

Section on Conway

The Antigone by Richard Woodman.

Published by Severn House Publishers Ltd; New Ed edition 27 Mar 1997. 224 pages. ISBN-10: 0727851780

This is a fictional account of life aboard a fictitious Blue Funnel 'A' Class ship, the Antigone. It is set in the 60s. There is mention of Conway in the book.

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The Art of Swimming by A.G. Payne and M Webb

Originally published by Webb himself (then re-published in 1999 by Prior Publications, Whitstable and Walsall, England with the new author (A G Payne) adding extra material

Described as an account of Captain Webb's epic swim, his instructions on swimming, and details of other feats of the period. This is a curious book in terms of its authorship. The last chapter of 43 pages on Recent Remarkable swimming Feats are actually signed by the editor, A.G.P. The book is an interesting description of Webb's childhood and swimming strokes of the time and is an important historical document. An important book for the historian and collector.

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Battle Honours Of The Royal Navy by Oliver Warner

Published by George Philip and Son, 1956 in London. Currently out of print. Lists the battle honours of all 3 HMS Conways.

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Bonner VC, The Biography of Gus Bonner: VC and Master Mariner by Sue Satterthwaite,

Privately published in November 2008 ISBN: 978-0-9554840-1-8. Hardback, A4 size, with a dust jacket, 140 pages and 88 illustrations. RRP: £19.99. Order online at All profits made from the sale of this book will be donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

"A superb biography of a modest hero whose remarkable career reads as if from the pages of ‘Boys’ Own’. Sue’s perceptive writing skillfully portrays the many facets that comprised the life of ‘Gus’ Bonner V.C. D.S.C. Not to be missed!"


British Seamen by David Matthew

Published by Collins in London in 1943

Mentions Conway's H.M.S. Winchester and H.M.S. Nile


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British Warship Names by Capt T D Manning RN & Cdr C F Walker RN

Published by Putnam, London 1954. Currently out of print.

This is a comprehensive dictionary of Royal Navy ship names, has a description of the names derivation. The name of every war-ship of importance which as served in the navy since early formation days is listed with dates of service.Names all 3 HMS Conways.

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Buy & Build (the Advertising Posters of The Empire Marketing Board) by Stephen Constantine

Published by The Public Records Office). Paperback

The cover and other posters insode are the work of Kenneth D Shoesmith (06-08)

Canada's V.C.s by Lt Col George Machum

Published by McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 1956


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Captain of the Carpathia - The seafaring life of Titanic hero Sir Arthur Henry Rostron by Eric L Clements

Published by Bloomsbury
Hardback, 320 pages
SBN:    9781844862894
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Arthur Henry Rostron was the captain of Carpathia, the ship that came to the rescue of the distressed Titanic, rescuing over 700 survivors. Following the rescue, Rostron became the most celebrated and decorated master mariner of his generation, winning, among other awards, a Congressional Gold Medal. Following the Titanic rescue, Rostron served throughout the First World War, commanding the Cunard liner Mauretania, first as a hospital ship and then as a troop ship.

Captain Webb By J Randell

Published by Salop County Council

Captain Webb Channel Swimmer by David Elderwick

Published by in 1987. ISBN 0-947731-23-7

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The Changing Years by Rock Ferry Local History Group. Published by Wirral Metropolitan College.

Brief mention of the ship and photo of boats at the Pier Head, wrongly identified as Conway cadets.   Second article also mentions Conway and pictures the ship from the entry to the Pier.

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The Charm of Evil: The Life And Films Of Terence Fisher (19-21) by Wheeler Winston Dixon and John Carpenter

Published by Scarecrow Press on July 1, 1991
ISBN-10: 0810823756 | ISBN-13: 978-0810823754

In the late 1950s, Fisher helped revive the gothic horror film with The Curse of Fran kenstein and Dracula , both filmed at Hammer Studios, where Fisher maintained a long and productive career. This study aims to establish his critical reputation in the United States. Fisher struck fire with the Hammer films, which also boosted the careers of actors Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Lengthy plot summaries accompany discussions of the production, work schedules, and narrative structures of each of his major works. Dixon applauds Fisher's output and recounts the frigid reception he received from his contemporaries. He also quotes noteworthy interviewees like British cinematographer/director Freddie Francis and Fisher's widow Morag. Recommended for most film study collections with an interest in horror.

The Chart of the H.M.S. Conway's Tracks on the South American Station in 1820 1821 & 1822 by Lt. A. B. Becher, and Mr. H. Foster R. N.

Published by A. Constable & Co., Edinburgh, in 1824   9.6 x 12.5".

Sea chart that shows the Conway's positions around South   America in a three year period. Extends north into Mexico, to about Puerto Vallarta.


Come On The Tigers! by Kenneth Hillier
Published by Ashby de la Zouch Museum
£8.50 + £2.50 UK P&P
Order online from the museum

This tells the story of Philip Bent - born in Canada but educated at Ashby Boys' Grammar School. Trained for a career at sea, instead he joined the Army in 1914, serving with the 9th Battalion of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. He was killed, leading a counter-attack against the Germans at Polygon Wood during the Battle of Passchendaele. His bravery earned him a posthumous Victoria Cross. The book is well illustrated.

The Conway Heroes by Canon Bob Evans

Published by Countyvise Ltd in 2009. £8.50. 241pages paperback. SBN-10: 1906823162 ISBN-13: 978-1906823160

This book honours the outstanding contribution made by the young men who were trained in HMS CONWAY. It spans the 150 years that have passed since CONWAY was inaugurated. It is written by Old Conways. There are stories of the four Victoria Cross holders, the Albert Medal, the George Cross and George Medal recipients. The memories of countless acts of gallantry across the world are noted. Of special interest are the memories of the Falkland War, written by men who were there. Above all, they pinpoint the task of the Merchant Navy in the conflict and a remarkable story unfolds. HMS CONWAY started its life on the Mersey in 1859 and was finally 'paid off' in 1974 on the Menai Strait ...during its 115 years it is estimated that some 11,000 cadets received their training for a career at sea. The proceeds from this book are dedicated to the CONWAY Chapel in the Scriptorium of Birkenhead Priory.

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The Crossing by Kathy Watson

Published by Headline. Price £14.99 or £13.99 from the TLS website. ISBN: 0742 2341 6

Described as "The curious story of the first man to swim the English Channel". It describes Webb's memorable feat and subsequent career. A review of the book was published on page 8 of the Times Literary Supplement of 21 July 2000.


Diaries of Oswald Tuck 

Tuck was born in 1876 and educated at Greenwich Hospital School. In 1896 he joined Conway to teach astronomy and navigation. His Conway diary for January 1898 - August 1898 is held in the Churchill Archive Centre link to Centre


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Diving Stations By Peter Dornham AM

Published in 2011 by Pen & Sword Books Ltd, ISBN 9781848843219  Hardback with photos

Price £13.99 from Amazon, free UK delivery - click onn the Amazon icon above.

The inspiring story of Captain George Hunt DSO DSC RN (30-32). Born in Uganda and then educated in Glasgow he was determined to join the Navy and at 13 years old he entered HMS Conway. His pre-war years saw him serving worldwide. In 1939, on the outbreak of war he was already serving in submarines. Over the next six years he was rammed twice, sunk once and had hundred of depth charges dropped around him. He gave more than he got! While in command of the Unity Class Submarine Ultor, mainly in the Mediterranean he and his crew accounted for an astonishing 20 enemy vessels sunk by torpedo and 8 by gunfire as well as damaging another 4 ships. His fifteenth mission was described by the Admiralty as unsurpassed in the annals of the Mediterranean Submarine Flotilla . After the War George continued his distinguished naval career becoming Senior Naval Officer West Indies (SNOWI). He emigrated to Australia where he lives today.

The Dragons Who Roared by Alan Evans

Published by Daffodil Publishing in 2006. 120-page fully illustrated hardback book. Review here

David Johnston (54-56) played for the Welsh Youth team in 1956 including their tour of South Africa. This book describes that tour. On their return home the Western Mail - the national newspaper of Wales - hailed the team as ‘true rugby heroes’ and the tour as ‘an historic campaign in the game’s history’. He scored the winning try against South Africa in a match at Cardiff Arms Park.


The Final Dive - The Life and Death of 'Buster' Crabb by Don Hale
Published by Spellmount in Oct 2011.
435 pages
ISBN: 0752453254

Commander Lionel 'Buster' Crabb was a British naval frogman who disappeared in 1956, under mysterious circumstances following a secret dive beneath a Russian warship bringing Soviet leaders Khruschev and Bulgarin to Britain. Now, fifty years after the event, Don Hale draws on exclusive interviews to tell the true story of Crabb's colourful life and who was behind his disappearance. Secret files documenting the event will not be released until 2057.

Flashman's Lady by George MacDonald Fraser.

Publisher Penguin Books 1988. ISBN 0-452-26489-8.

This work of fiction has "tars from HMS Conway" on a "four day mad ride" on the plains of Madagascar on remounts rescued by them after a failed coup attempt. ( do not try a Flashman book if you easily get short of breath!)

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Frank Henry Mason (1888-90) RBA RI RSMA by Edward Yardley

Published by Colley Books Ltd, Stanton House,Stanton-in-Peak, Derbyshire, DE4 2LR
ISBN 978 0 993 1892 2 7
96 pages, 92 full colour reproductions, 296 images.
Price £24.95 including UK postage. Available online here

An exciting new addition to the study of this marine painter and commercial artist. It includes much new biographical research and also analyses his work, not only as a painter, but also as an etcher, a commercial artist and book illustrator, a builder and repairer of ships models, and an iconic poster designer for the railways and the shipping companies.

Furthermore it contains a full bibliography, a list of Mason’s works in Public Collections, and a full List of Exhibited works.

Perhaps this book's most important contribution to the study of Frank Mason’s enormous and varied body of work is a Catalogue Raisonne of over 200 Mason Railway posters, illustrated with thumbnail illustrations.

There is also a full complete catalogue of his 17 carriage print designs, a full catalogue of Mason etchings published by the Fine Art Trade Guild and a complete catalogue of his magnum opus of book illustration, 53 works painted for the Blue Peter magazine, all illustrated in full colour.

Halifax Squadrons of World War II by Jon Lake.

Publisher by Osprey Publishing in 1999. Paperback, 112 pages

Mentions Group Captain Basil Robinson(28-29) who was lost on 24th August 1943 flying a Pathfinder mission in one of 35 Squadron’s Halifax aircraft.


HMHS Britannic "The Last Titan" by Simon Mills

Publisher: First published by Waterfront Publications. Re-published by Shipping Books Presson 1 Jun 1996 ISBN-10: 1900867001 ISBN-13: 978-1900867009

Describes the actions of Captain Herbert James Haddock CB RD RNR (1875-77) master of Britannic at the time to rescue survivors from the sinking HMS Audacious in October 1912 in the North Sea

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The Hothouse Society by Royston Lambert

First published 1967 by by Weidenfeld & Nicolson.
Published by Penguin Books Ltd on 28 Feb 1974.
448 Paperback pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0140216758
ISBN-13: 978-0140216752

An Exploration of Boarding School Life Through the Boys' and Girls' Own Writings. The description of Cromwell College is actually Conway. The author interviewed Dhobi Clark and several cadets.

The Illustrated Companion To Nelson's Navy by Nicholas Blake and Richard Lawrence

Published by Stackpole Books in January 2000. ISBN: 0811708640

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Images of Merseyside by Liverpool Echo
Published by Austen MaCauley Publoishers in 2017.
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paperback 192 pages
ISBN-10: 1859831141
ISBN-13: 978-1859831144

The fascinating photographs in this book range from the 19th century to the present day, from the archives of the Liverpool Echo. The emphasis is placed firmly before 1970 and all photos are fully supported by informative text. Includes a photo of John Masefield and some Conway cadets in 1938

Kenneth Shoesmith & Royal Mail by David Reynolds

Published in 1982 (2nd Edition in 1992) by Bygone Ships, Trains & Planes, PO Box 844, Pretoria South Africa.
ISBN 0 620 19485 5
ISBN-13: 978-0620194853

Despite being a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours and of the British Society of Poster Designers, Kenneth Denton Shoesmith (1890 - 1939) is little known today, yet his maritime art perfectly captures the romance and adventure of ocean liner travel in the early 20th century. In 1918 he left a career at sea to devote himself to painting, and much of his art celebrates the ships of the Royal Mail Line, for whom he produced a vast amount of paintings and sketches for advertising purposes,

Kings and Commoners: Studies in British Idealism

Published by George Frederick Timpson in 1936

Brief mention of Conway on pages 142-4.

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John Clint - Autobiography

Publisher not known.

He was influential in establishing the 'Akbar' reformatory ship (moored on the Mersey near Conway), the Conway, and the Indefatigable.

Also made into a film


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The Last Of The Square Rigged Ships by Joseph Ferral Colton

Published by Colton of New York in 1937

This book includes an entry on the Conway and a picture (plate 13).

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Legend Of Moulin Huet by Lizzie A. Freeth.

Published by Le Lievre (Guernsey) in 1872. Project Guttenberg eBook #14118, online at:

The book has no Conway content but is dedicated to "THE CONWAY BOYS." The author writes: ?Though the story contained in the following pages has no connection with them, yet it is my wish to dedicate this little work to "The Conway Boys," and all those connected with that most invaluable institution, "H.M.S. Conway," lying at Rockferry, Birkenhead.

I have particular reason to speak well of the "Conway," as any "Boy" may know who may have been on board for the last five or six years, from the fact that two of my brothers, after passing a successful career under the careful teaching of the Rev. Henry O'Brien; L.L.D., Cork, continued to build on the good foundation laid, and left the "Conway" with credit both to their teachers and themselves. I shall always have pleasure in meeting with any "Conway Boy," and hearing of the good old ship to which I wish a long continuance of her success in preparing Boys creditably for one of the great sources of our national strength and wealth--"Our Merchant Navy."

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The Life and Career of Frank Henry Mason (1888-90) RBA RI RSMA by Edward Yardley

Published by Hartlepool Museum Services in 1996
Paperback: 47 pages

Liverpool to North Wales Pleasure-Steamers - A Pictoral History 1821-1962 by J B Cowell

S.B. Publications (Loggerheads) 1990, ISBN 1 870708 350

Photograph (from 1948) and potted history of HMS Conway.



Log of HMS Conway For 1820-21 is held by Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service: Staffordshire County Record Office (Record Reference D1778/V/1433). NRA catalogue reference NRA 5197 Legge


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Log of HMS Nile For 1860-64     Held by the National Archives of Canada Record Reference MG24, F49


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The Maiden Voyage by Geoffrey Marcus

Published by Buccaneer Books in 1977. ISBN: 0899667929. Currently out of print

Contains a reference to Officer Moody's last known actions aboard the Titanic.


Man of Mafeking: The Bechuanaland Years of Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams (1884-1901) by Elizabeth Main

Re-published by The Botswana Society (Botswana) in 1996.ISBN 9912 60 15 3
Soft cover only, pp205 + xv, 180 x 240

This is the story of Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams, who served 25 tough years in the 19 th century Southern Africa, primarily as a key figure in the Bechuanaland Border Police seconded from the Royal Scots, but also as negotiator, topographer, civil servant and advisor for the British Government. His daughter, Elizabeth Main, who was only two when he died, tells his story. Through years of painstaking research in the U.K. and Botswana, however, she has bought the man back to life.


Merchant Shipping (Certificates of Competency as A.B.) Regulations 1970

Published by HMSO

Regulation number 294 allows 6 months reduction of qualifying period to obtain A Certificate Of Competence for Old Conways


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The Maritime Art of Kenneth D. Shoesmith by Glyn L. Evans.

Published by The Nostalgia Collection in 2011. ISBN 978 1 85794 3580. 169 x 238mm 96pp Hardback, 84 colour and B&W illustrations. £30.00 + P&P: UK £2.50, Europe £3.50, RoW £10. Order direct from Pay by PayPal using the email address on the linked page.

An excellent and interesting read that describes the work of Kenneth D Shoesmith (06-07)

Master Under God by Fred Nicholls

Published by: Starborn Books; 1st ed edition (1 Nov. 2004)
Paperback:  418 pages
ISBN-10: 1899530207
ISBN-13: 978-1899530205

A fictionalised account of life aboard one of the tough Welsh windjammers of the late 19th Century, the Figaro,  in the nitrates trade around the Horn to northern Chile. These Welsh ships were crewed mostly by men from the villages and small ports of the principality - tight knit and often related or neighbours ashore so a close Welsh speaking and stable community in a hard trade.

After an accident in Chile the Master has to take on a well-educated, middle class English officer trained aboard one of the "new fangled" training ships - HMS Conway. The story is the impact of this officer on a small and closed shipboard community - partly an account of the effect on one ship of the increased professionalism throughout the Merchant Service intended by the Liverpool Ship owners who founded the "Conway". A well written account of life aboard a merchant vessel. Oh there is romance too but not of the swooning one-dimensional variety. The Master's wife and daughter are aboard and the daughter's conservative chapel upbringing is severely tested by the young officer's modern views and her own teenage hormones...

As well as social change technological change is, literally, on the horizon in the form of an early PSNC steamer, commanded by another fictional OC, which the crew, sensing the threat to their futures, regard with a mixture of awe, fear, respect and scorn. A bit like our generation of seafarers sometimes regarded the first box boats.

Mischief Goes South by Bill Tillman .

Hollis & C (Aug 1968). 190 pages. ISBN-10: 037000275X

Recounts the voyage of his Bristol sailing pilot cutter Mischief to Antarctica in 1966. It describes the loss overboard on early on August 27th 1966 of David Shaw (approx 54-56) somewhere off the Cape Verde Islands. It was just 10 years after leaving Conway and he had joined for a change of pace and to sample the delights of a voyage to Antarctica in a small sailing boat.

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More Than Shadows: A Biography of Sir William Russell Flint, P.R.W.S., R.A by Arnold Palmer

Published by The Studio in London and New York in January 1943

This well-illustrated biography which documents his remarkable career to1943. It contains 136 full colour illustrations of his work including a splendid watercolour of the Ship with verbatim notes written on many of them by Russell Flint himself. His son "Tinker" was a Conway cadet and when his father visited the Ship he offerred to paint a picture of her. His notes from the book and seven photos are here. The painting is reproduced below. It is 26' by 16'. It was hung in the Captain's cabin (later flat then house) and eventually sold to an OC who holds it safe to this day.

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The Navy 1939 to Present Day by Max Arthur

Published by Hodder & Stroughton. ISBN: 0340684690.

Contains a description of how Fraser won his VC.

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The Navy List

Section X111 covers the Conway from 1815 to 1845


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Nautical Training Ships, An Illustrated History by Phil Carradice

Published by Amberley Publishing in 2009. paperback, 192 fully illustrated pages.
ISBN-10: 184868696X
ISBN-13: 978-1848686960

For well over a hundred years all around the coast of Britain there were located a series of nautical training ships. Often surplus navy wooden walls, the ships provided a means of educating boys and young men, while preparing them for a lifetime at sea. The more famous of the schools included HMS Conway, initially on the Mersey, and then at Menai; the TS Mercury, at Hamble, Hampshire; the Mars on the Tay, at Dundee; the Vindicatrix at Sharpness Docks on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal; the Worcester on the Thames and the Arethusa at Greenhithe. The Arethusa, converted from a sailing vessel, lasted until 1974 before she was purchased and sailed to America to be restored as a typical sailing vessel of the late nineteenth century. Phil Carradice tells the story of the training ships that helped keep Britain a maritime nation from their foundation to their demise as Britain's once-proud merchant marine declined in the latter years of the twentieth century.

A fascinating insight into all the training and reformatory ships, and there is even a reference by our own Geoffrey Haskins.

The Old Whaling Days: A history of Southern New Zealand from 1830 to 1840 By R McNab

Original publisher not known. Re-published in Auckland byGolden Press in 1975.

Includes details of HMS Conway's (the first ship) visit to New Zealand in October 1837

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Raw Courage - The Extraordinary and Tragic Story of Four RAF Brothers in Arms by Simon Muggleton & Norman Franks

Published by Grub Street in 2011. Illustrated hardback 224 pages. ISBN-10: 1908117133
ISBN-13: 978-1908117137

While this story is about the lives and tragic deaths in the RAF of the four Raw brothers it also  covers the life and adventures so their father OC  Frederick Edward Raw (06-07).

Recollections of an Unsuccessful Seaman by Dave Creamer

Published by Whittlkes Publishing in 2018. Paper back, 224 pages with 32page colour section containing 70 illustrations – photos, watercolour sketches, cartoons and diary pages
ISBN 978-184995-393-1

The biography of George Leonard Noake (03-05) including his service in WWI and shat period ashore as a farmer.

Rock Ferry, New Ferry & Bebbington by Dave Mitchelson.

Publisher SB Publications 1989

Contains photos and a brief description of the ship.


The Royal Navy: A History From Earliest Times To The Present by William Laird Clowes

Originally published by Sampson Low, Marston & Co in 897 in 7 volumes. Our refernces are in the 1903 edition, volume 6, pages 279-304.

Reprinted by Chatham Publishing in October 1996. ISBN-10: 1861760108      ISBN-13: 978-1861760104 

This major history of the Royal Navy from earliest times to the close of the Victorian era was originally intended to be complete in five volumes, then six volumes were envisaged, and finally a seventh volume was produced in order to bring the study down to the death of Queen Victoria and to include recent naval actions during the South African War and during the Boxer Rebellion in China.

Several mentions of Conway including that she departed the Pearl River (before other ships) for the UK carrying that part of the indemnity money of $6,000,000 paid by Canton.

Full text is here, or you can buy a copy of the first edition for circa £1,880 click here


Royal Navy Day By Day by Capt A B Sainsbury

Published by Ian Allen in 1992. ISBN-10: 0711021236 ISBN-13: 978-0711021235

Lists daily actions etc by RN ships over a huge period. Copy in the library at the Royal United Services Institute used to obtain/validate some entries in the various ship histories.

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Schools 1948 - author not known.

Publisher not known.

Contains a page with photo describing Conway, Worcester and Pangbourne.

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The Secret Flotillas - Clandestine Sea Lines to France & French North Africa 1940-1944 by Sir Richards Brooks Rucgards

Original publisher not known. Re-published by HMSO in 1996. ISBN-13: 9780116309600 ISBN: 0116309601

Mentions Capt B K Fraser (38-40) and his undercover work in the 115th MGB Flotilla out of Dartmouth during the WW2.


The Ship of the Line by Brian Lavery

Published by Conway Maritime, ISBN 0851 772 528

This is a two-volume study, regarded as the definitive work in the area. It outlines the history and technical development of the battle fleet from 1650 to 1850. The second volume deals with hull design and construction, rigging, armament and fittings. The early history of HMS Nile, up to the time she became the third replacement 'HMS Conway' on 23rd June 1876, is to be found in some detail in the book.

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Skeleton Coast by John H Marsh

Published in 1944. Re-publihed by Namibia Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft available form them online here.

A full electronic copy, including many photographs, can be obtained from:

Records the loss of the Dunedin Star and the experiences of Captain Jim Thompson (39-41) MNI on his first voyage when the ship was wrecked off the infamous Skeleton Coast of SW Africa. One reviewer said "...The story is true in every particular, incredulous as many a reader is likely to find the amazing series of events related. There were some who labeled it "the wildest fiction" when first they read it."

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Sir Hamilton John Goold-Adams (1858 – 1920) by D. J. Murphy

Published by Melbourne University Press in 1983.

A profile in the Volume 9 of the Australian Dictionary of Biography. See his entry in Notables


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Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways by H.N. Shore, Baron Teignmouth

Published in 1892 by Philip Allan and Co. Ltd. in their Nautilus Library. Reprinted 1929. ISBN-13: 9780854099313.

Mentions HMS Conway in Havanna in the 1830s on page 219:

"July 1834. It is ascertained that the man who was at Mevagissey lately in the Mary Ann smuggling boat, of Cawsand, and called himself Chas. Chapple, is young John D----, who was taken in the Susannah and convicted for five years, and went out in H.M.S. Conway to Havannah, where he deserted. If caught he is to be sent to the flag-ship at Devonport as a deserter. From which it may be inferred that John junior prefers the uncertain profits of the Mary Ann to the hard work and small pay of a man-of-war. Everyone to his hobby!"

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The Story of the Britannia by E A Statham

Published by Cassell and Company, London 1904
Hardback 240 pages

ISBN  978375242983

Text online 

The history of the RN's officer training ship. Page 426 mentions Conway.

Terence Fisher (19-21) by Peter Hutchings

Published by Manchester University Press (30 Sep 2013) £12.99.
Illustrated paperback
ISBN-10: 0719056373
ISBN-13: 978-0719056376

Part of the British Filmakers series.This is a remarkably enjoyable book. Hutchings writes in a very accessible style, although he points out the various theories of popular film that inform his approach to the career of Terence Fisher, director of Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula.
I could not put the book down. Hutchings makes the twists and turns of Fisher's career quite compelling, even when he discussed Fisher grinding out cheapo crime films I have no chance of seeing. Best of all, of course, is the discussion of the Hammer horror films. Hutchings takes the films seriously and points out levels of complexity there that have been breezed over by most commentators.
Strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in Hammer and British horror. Essential reading.

The Training Ships of Liverpool by Canon Bob Evans (ex. Mersey Mission to Seamen Seafarers Chaplain).

Published by Countryvise in 2002.

ISBN 1 901231 31 3.

All proceeds go to the Mersey Mission to Seafarers. Cost ?7 + UK Post Packing ?2 for 1

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TS Mt Edgcumbe: Training Ship For Homeless & Destitute Boys by Bruce Hunt

Published by BEH publications in 2007. 96 pages A4 fully illustrated. £12.95 include., postage in the UK. Contact number 01752 845983

When Conway 2 (ex Winchester) was replaced by Nile she was returned to the RN who renamed her Mount Edgcumbe and loaned her as a training ship moored at Saltash under the railway bridge. This excellent history contains many photos of the ship and interesting comparisons with Conway's daily routine.


The Voyage Alone In The Yawl Rob Roy by John MacGregor

Published by in 1880. 391 pages.
ISBN-10: 0486418227
ISBN-13: 978-0486418223

The riveting tale of a 1,500-mile voyage on a 21-foot sailboat in 1867, undertaken in response to a "Boat Exhibition" and regatta staged by Napoleon III to encourage the youth of France to explore the rivers and streams of their native land. This rapturous account became known as "the book that launched a thousand ships."

It contains a mention of Conway in an Appendix and profits from the 1880 edition were dedicated as prizes to HMS Conway anbd other trsaining ships.

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Wooden Ships & Iron Men by Frederick William Wallace

Originally published in 1924 by Charles E Lauriat & Co of Boston Mass.
Re-Published in 1973 by
various publishers including The Book Service, Literary Licensing and Mika. 428 pages

This is the fully illustrated, fascinating story of the square-rigged merchant ships of British North America - the famous Bluenoses of the nineteenth century - ramping, stamping, hard-driving wooden ships commanded by men of iron. It is the story of a time when the Maritime Provinces of Canada built, owned and operated a mighty fleet of merchant sailing ships. Pages 161/2 mention Conway

"The young British lad who desired to go to sea and who aspired to the command of a ship invariably served his time as a premium apprentice on board a sailing ship belonging to a recognised line. Many went for a year or two through the curriculum of such school-ships as the Conway or Worcester. The school-ship training was excellent, and fitted a boy to become an officer and gentleman, but such could not always be said of the sea training aboard a 'limejuice' windjammer. Some British masters and mates took a real interest in the 'prentice lads and gave them a thorough schooling in the arts of seamanship and navigation, but a good number looked upon them  as a necessary evil and cared little about their futures."





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