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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.


Books Written By Members Of Staff (who were not also OCs)

Note the key here is the authorship of the books, some have Conway content but many are fiction, poetry, technical etc. with no Conway content


A Love of Ships by Captain George Alfred Brown (Gabby) King (Second Officer 52-53)

Published by Kenneth Mason, North Street, Emsworth, Hampshire.

ISBN 0-85937-358-4

Autobiogrpahy of his years at sea including his time on secondment to Conway as Second Officer.


After Alamein: Prisoner of War Diaries, 1942-45 by P Kingsford (History master)

Published by the Book Guild 1992. Hardback,140 pages. ISBN: 0863327354

His POW diaries. Our history master who spent many years drumming historical facts into empty heads. I can still remember the list of reasons why we had so much trouble at the Battle of the Somme in WWI!

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Bulk Carrier Parctice by Captain Jack Isbester (Deputy Headmaster and Director of Nautical Studies)

Published by The Nautical Institute (Dec 1993), 2nd edition 2010.
Hardback 400 pages
ISBN-10: 1870077164
ISBN-13: 978-1870077163

“I see Captain Jack Isbester’s book as a good example for the industry where expert individuals provide the knowledge needed to train new seafarers for the bulk trades. Good education calls for good educational materials and skilful trainers to pass the knowledge on. The timing of publication is perfect: the boom in new bulk carriers is starting now and with the help of this very informative new publication we get a helping hand in getting the task of training seafarers done,”

The "Conway" Manual, Being a Complete Summary of All Problems in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, with Proofs of Formulas, for the Use of Officers in the Mercantile Marine and Students by J. Morgan (Senior Master), T. P. Marchant and A. L. Wood (Navigation Masters).

Publisher by J D Potter , London in 1915. Price 5 shillings.

80 pages.

This book was produced a members of Conway staff. The cadet magazine reported that "... in this book will, be found all the formulas and methods used on board for solving plane and spherical triangles ... it contains enough trigonometry (and only enough) to enable any present or old Conway to understand the why and wherefore of the method of finding the position of ship, and also to understand how the formula is obtained."

"All formulas are proved and the dependence of Navigation and
Nautical Astronomy upon the solution of Plane and Spherical Triangles is clearly brought out. Particular emphasis has been laid upon method."

Can be read online or downloaded from here



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The English Prisoners In Russia By Captain Alfred Royer (Captain Superintendent 1860 to 1862)

Published in 1854. By Chapman & Hall. London, 195 pages,

His personal narrative of his journeys in Russia (as a PoW during the Crimean War whilst 1st Lt of HMS Tiger) and his meeting with Emperor Nicholas

Complete online version (from the Biblioteca de Catalunya) avaialble here

Hard Down, Hard Down by Captain Jack Isbester (Deputy Headmaster and Director of Nautical Studies

Published by Whittles Publishing in 2019
Paperback 256 pages
ISBN-10: 184995402X
ISBN-13: 978-1849954020

Describes the life and times of his father, Captain John Isbester from Shetland.

`This entertaining book describes the eventful life of a Shetland man in pursuit of his ambitions... A great read that's a real page-turner'. Sea Breezes

Memories of HMS Conway by Mr Glyn Banks (English Master in 1971)

Published in the MNA's Pulse magazine in February 2019

Available here

Nursing Aboard HMS Conway by Sister B E Evans.

Published in the Nursing Times 22 October 1965

Available here


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The Skyline Is A Promise by Wing Commander Tom Browne (Headmaster)

Published by Rondo Publications Ltd, Liverpool 1971 ISBN 85619 000 4

It contains some good pictures of the ship, and of the New Block as well as an account of the loss of the ship.

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Tanker Practice: The Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Tankers by Captain George Alfred Brown (Gabby) King (Second Officer 52-53)

First published in 1956 by Edward W. Sweetman Company.
Hardback, 148 pages, ASIN: B0007DSBHE

6th Edition publised in 19671 by Maritime Press Ltd
Hardback 200 pages.
ISBN 10: 0540004065 / ISBN 13: 9780540004065

Describes the construction and operation of tankers. Intended to help ships' officers gain a better understanding of their vessels.



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