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  HMS Conway 1859 - 1974

Alfie Windsor 1998
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Updates in 2017 (most recent at the top)

Updates from previous years

2017 Jul 11th
The Cadets List
Corrected links for Biscoe and Briscoe
Also updated the Lost At Sea List for Biscoe/Briscoe

2017 Jul 7th
The Cadets List
Added links for Warden, Headlam, Hordern

2017 Jun 18th
In Memoriam - Other Awards
- Bronze Star (USA) (thanks Douglas)
- King Haakon VII's Freedpm Cross (Norway) (thanks Haes)
- Order of Merit (Chile) (thanks Everett)
- Presidential Medal of Freedom (USA) (thanks Douglas)

- Royal Order of George 1st (Greek Military Cross (thanks Slade)

Sea & Shore
 - Renameed A Career at Sea? with these words from the Conway Song.
-  Added
King's Shropshire Light Infantry to the lust of military units (thanks Biddle-Cope)
-  Added a lot more RAF squadrons - it makes for a pretty impressive list
-  321 military units now listed.

The Cadets List
Made numerous corrections to individudal entries

2017 Jun 7th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Hedges

2017 Jun 1st
OCs & The Falklands
Added a new 20 page article

2017 May 31st
OCs Still @Sea
Updated to end May 2017, now just 21 OCs know to be serving at sea.

2017 May 29th OCs & Calcutta (Port, Bengal Pilot Servce & Hooghly River Service)
Revised article now 56 pages

2017 May 8th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Bullock

2017 May 7th
History - Conways & Snowdonia
Greatly extended article published

OCs & Calcutta (Port, Bengal Pilot Servce & Hooghly River Service)
Brand new 55 page article about OCs and the port of Calcutta

2017 May 3rd
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Couch, Sims (Brothers), Hillkirk

Lost @Sea
Updated entry for Hillkirk.

2017 Apr 25th
Updated the list of longest serving members of staff - some pretty incredible dates in there ranging from 9th - 25 years up to 1st - 50 years.

2017 Apr 23rd
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Peacocke

Added new books by
21st Century Seamanship by Michael 'Con' Lloyd (56-58)

Peacocke: My Journey Through Mental Illness to Recovery: An Autoethnography: A Post-Modern Journey Moving from a Mental State of War-Induced Terror and Collapse into One of Acceptance and Recovery
by Richard Peacocke (69-71)

2017 Apr 21st
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Averill, Heath, SZCZEPANORWSKI and Young

2017 Apr 15th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Howorth and Larcombe.

A Career At Sea?
Added a new article to the "OCs & ...." series. This one is OCs & RMS Titanic.

The series alreay includes:
-  OCs  & The RCN.
-  OCs & The RIN.
-  OCs & The Battle of Jutland.
-  OCs & The Dardenelles Campaign.
Ready to launch once proof reading is complete are OCs & The Boer War and OCs & The Bengal Pilot Service, The Hooghy River Survey Service & Calcutta.

2017 Apr 9th
Conway Club Site
Updated People pages and Branches pages.
Regret Members' Only pages still not working. The security/data protection issues seem not to be fixable with my current software. I must move the whoe site to new software.

Added reference to two books written by Vincente Szczepanowski (aka Vincent Stephens) (1866-67)

2017 Apr 7th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Rattray (06-07)

Sea Career
Added our 292nd Armed forces unit 104 Sqn RAF (Rattray)

2017 Apr 5th
Still @ Sea
Removed Mike Lee (67-69) from the list - he retired as a master with Boskalis last December. Updated his entry in The Cadets' List.

For Sale - Other Sources
Updated the page to provide images of the the ship's model and the print of Nile sailing, and to remove items no longer available from third padry suppliers.

2017 Apr 1st
A Career At Sea
Added another major update to the feature on OCs & Gallipoli - now 24 pages. At least two OCs were at the landings on the first day of the land campaign and left on the very last day of the evacuation.

2017 Mar 28th Club Accounts added 2014 and 2015

Club AGM Minutes added 2016

Image Archive
Added a new film clip of the ship in the 40s. Now 12,488 images with 45 folm clips.

2017 Mar 28th The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Beckett (39-41), Masefield.

Image Archive
Added 24 new images so now 12,487 photos and documents of and about HMS Conway, her cadets and staff.

Staff - Academics
 Added profiles of D'Amaral and Wood

Slop Chest
Added more detail about Petty Officers and Cadet Captains and the change form one to the other in1899.

2017 Mar 27th The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Collier (62-64), Daniel (06-08), Epps (61-63), Hume (37-40) and Levien (1898-89)

Image Archive
Split the  HMS Winchester and Mt Edgcumbe albums into three
-  HMS Conway 2 - Hull
HMS Conway 2 - Upper Deck
HMS Conway 2 - Below Decks

2017 May 24th
Sea Career
Added our 108th unit -   RN Gunnery School, Chatham (Drew)

Added our 291st armed forces unit - Royal Indian Engineers (thnks Franklin Colquohoun and others)

2017 Mar 23rdSea Career - Armed Forced Units
Added our 290th unit -  Karachi Artillery Corps (thanks Carmichael)

Sea Career
Added our 1025th Shipping Co - Robert Dollar SS Co (Canada) thanks Myers

Notables - Senior Officers
G Nicholson (1887-88) becomes our third Army General (Brig Gen)

In Memoriam - Other Conflicts
Added 1919 Russian Relief Force - Murmansk Expiditionary Force

2017 Mar 20th Bibliography - Books With Conway Content
Added Master Under God by Fred Nicholls

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Yeates (11-13)

Sea Career - Gallipoli
Added details of Fairweather's involvement

Sea Career - Armed Forced Units
Added our 289th unit - King`s Royal Rifle Corps (thanks Smythies) 

2017 Mar 20th A Career @ Sea
Now 1024 shipping companies in our list after adding Scrutton Sons & Co (thanks Bourdillion)

Made about 30 minor corrections to The Cadets' List - mainly correcting the spelling of names.

2017 Mar 15th
A Career @ Sea
Now 1023 shipping companies in our list after adding the Arab Maritime Petroleum Company (thanks Peter Jones)

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Peter Jones (49-51)

2017 Feb 26th
A Career @ Sea
Added Fujairah as our 69th Pilot Service (Walsh)

2017 Feb 22nd
A Career @ Sea
Added links and info for Royan (44-46)

2017 Feb 17th
A Career @ Sea
Added links and info for Clegg, Lee, Littlehayes (1880-82), Windsor (64-68)

Image Archive
Now has 12,462 entries as I had not previpously counted the Obituaries and other documents included in
The Cadets' List and Staff pages

2017 Feb 14th
Image Archive
Now has 11,377 entries:
All new images in Accessions
Photo Themes
Document By Year
1961 Rooney's Notebook
1966 Prize List,
1968 Boxing,
1970 Ship Visit
1971 Slop Chest

2017 Feb 13th
Staff - Academics
Added new entries for Mr Rooney (61-62) and Mr Greenland circa 59-62. The latter was an accomplished musician. He left Conway and as the notes show he joined the RAF then SAS and dissappeared.

Staff - Sick Bay
Added phot and commnet on Sister Griffiths

2017 Feb 5th
A Career @ Sea
Added our 1,016th shipping co: Hong Kong & Japan Line (Dobbin)

2017 Feb 5th
A Career @ Sea
Added our 286th armed service unit: Royal Field Artillery (Thompson)

Added a fully revised (again!) copy of OCs & Gallipoli.

Ditto OCs & Jutland

In Memoriam
Updated the loss of Lionel Napier (1873-75) to the Lost at Sea List now v88

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Napier (1873-75)

2017 Feb 1st
A Career @ Sea
Added our 286th armed service unit: Royal Field Artillery (Thompson)

Added a fully revised (again!) copy of OCs & Gallipoli.

Ditto OCs & Jutland

In Memoriam
Updated the Lost at Sea List ot v 87

2017 Jan 28th
A Career @ Sea
Added a completely  updated version of the article OCs & the Gallipoli Campaign.

Added our 1015th shipping co: Harris & Dixon (Durbin), Union Gvt Transport (Cape Town) (Selby)

Added our 284th  armed service unit: Bermuda Contingent, Royal Garrison Artillery (Wallington), Malay States Volunteer Rifles (Shepherd),  Northamptonshire Regt (Prynne), Rhodesian Rifles (Lemon)

Image Archive
Now has 11,230 entries after adding 105 new photos, cast lists and reviews to the Concerts & Plays album. Also listed many new concerts and plays.

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Donovan (1899-1901).

2017 Jan 26th
Image Archive
Now has 11,125 entries after adding 199 new images all viewable in Accessions

Added new albums for:
-  Art - Stocker
-  Art - Paterson
-  Art - Rock Ferry
-  Branch event Sydney 2016
-  Club Dinner 2016
-  Documents 1879
-  National Arboretum Memorial
-  RMYC Conway Training Room

Split the previous album "Crests, Badges & Ensigns" into three separate albums:
-  Badges
-  Crests
-  Ensigns, Flags & Pennants

Still @ Sea List
Updated to show that Chriostopher Walsh has retired

2017 Jan 25th
Added seven books on architecture by T W West (41-42)

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Edward-Jones (34-35), Twin Holl brothers (53-55), both joined Elder Dempster Line, Pritchard (48-50), West (42)

2017 Jan 24th
A Career @ Sea
Shipping Cos:
Now 1013 entries after adding: Abu Dhabi Defence Force (Warner), Al- Rafic Salvage & Towage (Fraser), Argentina State Shipping Co (White), Bell Line (Brown), Burnet Steamship Co (Bone), Cory & Co (Watson), Counties SS Co (Whyte), Cross Channel Steamers Ltd (Mulroney), Dominion Lines (Barrows), East African Railways & Harbours (Marine Branch) (Baker), Everett Orient Line (Swift), Freeport Cruise Lines (Letty), Governmemnt of Tonga Marine Service (Hibberdene), rvine & Johnson Trawlers (Cape Town) (Barber-Stakey, Isles of Scilly Steamship Co (Bateman), J Howard & Co (Carter), Kayes Tankers (Kemp), New Zealand Sea Products Export Ltd (Huflett), Oregon Steamship Co (PIlcher), Pakistan National Shipping Co (Hasan), Red Anchor Line (Shanghai) (Matinson), South African Harbour Service (Drake), South African Railways & Harbours Marine Dept (White), Thomas Law & Co (Carroll), W J Lockett (Liverpool) (Palmer), ZIM Israel Navigation Co (Millar)


Now 52 entries after adding: Ayr & Troon (Kay), Caernarfon, W Australia (Roberts), Port Headland (Monks), Port Lincoln (Jeffries), Port Price, Australia (Piggott), Thevenard, S Australia (Jeffries)

Now 68 entries after adding:
Adelaide (Piggott), Port Lincoln (Jeffries), Tripoli (Bindon)

Nautical Trg Establishments

Now 106 entries after adding: Bosham Sea School (Mountford), Bradwell Sailing Centre (Gurnell), Bristol School of Navigation (Lamb), Ghana Nautical College (Pattison), TS Arcadia (Mitchell)

Armed Svcs

Now 281 entries after adding: Abu Dhabi Defence Force (Warner), Bermuda Rifles / Regt (Couper), New Zealand Army Territorial Reserve (French), RAF - Gibraltar (Haydn & Burns), Welsh Guards (Green)

Added: History of the Practice of Navigation by Cdr J B Hewson (17-19)

In Memoriam
Other Medals: added Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) USA

Now 39 Commodores of Shipping Cos after adding: Brand (09-10) Canadian Coastguard Service, Evans RNR (17-18) PSNC, Pugh (26-27) Palm Line, Roberts (20-22) Canadian Pacific

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Howard (18-20), Lawson father and son (38-39) & (65-69), Pugh father and son (26-27) and (56-57). Wilson brothers (47-49) and (50-52), Woodger brothers (45-47) and (58-61), 

2017 Jan 23rd Art Gallery
Reformatted the Index pages to better present "Today" Images

In Memoriam - Other Medals/Awards
Added Chevalier Order of Star of Roumania, thanks Nicholson (07-09)

A Career At Sea
Added an all new, completely revised and fully illustrated copy of the article OCs & The Gallipoli Campaign.

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Hewson (18-19), Nicholson (07-09)

2017 Jan 20th
Added: John Twenty's Garden, a book of poems by T Heanley (1893-95)

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Allen (09-11), Bartlett (11-14), Boler (48), Bookless (1899-1900), Cox (1898-1900), Crossland (1879-81), De Wet (09),  Drew (06-08), Francis (37-40), Hanily (69-70), Hardiman (10-13), King (1891-93), Rostron (1885-86), Sandys-Winch (40-42), Scully (51-53), Standring (18989-1900), Stopfords (father and son), Suffian (64-67), Unwin (1877-80), Wade (12-13), Webb (1860-62),  Whyman (20-21), Young (11-13)

A Career @ Sea
Added new feature OCs @ Gallipoli - an extended version of the feature in The Cadet in Spring 2016

Commodores RN
Added our 23rd naval Cdre - Medland in the RCN.
Shipping Cos:
Now 987 entries after adding: Ellerman Associated Line (BRANTHWAITE), Farrell Lines, USA(Griffiths), Flying P Line (Griffiths), Illwara & South Coast SS Co (Jackson), Maersk Supply Co (Davidson), Nippon Yusen Kaisha (Miners), Springbok Shipping Co (Cameron),
Pilot Services
Now 65 entries after adding:
Now 56 entries after adding:
Nautical Trg Establishments
Now 102 entries after adding: Coxwell's Sailing & Seamanship School
Armed Svcs
Now 275 entries after adding: US National Guard (Jacobus), 

2017 Jan 19th

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Bucknall (17-19), Lalor (06-08), Staplton - multiple family links, 

A Career @ Sea
Shipping Cos:
Now 981 entries after adding: Adela SS Co (Jefferies), All American Cables & Radio Inc (Goodbody), Allen & Black  (Pattison), British Missionery Society (Arnott), British Phosphate Commissioners (Grice), Canadian Cable Co (Pounder), Charlton McCullum & Co (Woolfeden), Douglas SS Co (McAree), Eastern & Australian SS Co (Brodie), Fao Bar Dredging Service, Iraq (hector), McDomsley Shipping Co (Smith), New Era Shipping Co (Bottomley), Navigation & Coal Trading Co (Grice), Nigerian Naval Defence Force (Pool Shipping Co (Potter), Queen's Weather Service (Swanson), Southern Railways Cross Channel Steamers (Hancock), 
Pilot Services
65 entries after adding: Hokianga NZ (Brindle), Whyalla, S Australia (Piggott)
Now 46 entries after adding: Bermuda (Ross), Saigon (Crook), Mtwara, Kenya (Gow), Whyalla, S Australia (Piggott)
Nautical Trg Establishments
Now 101 entries after adding: King Edward VII Nautical School, London (Ballard),New Zealand Gvt Training Ship Amakoura (Brindle),  Prince of Wales Sea Training Hostel (Watt), RIN Officers Training School Ship (Passmore-Edwards), RN Artificers Trg Centre, Torpoint (Chapman), Seamans Training Ship Diparvardi (Hill), School of Navigation, University of Southampton (Clark)
Armed Svcs
Now 274 entries after adding: Federation Regt, Malaya (Taylor), Gurkha Regt (Walker), RAF - 2 Armoured Cars, Palestine (Greet), No 2 Flying School, Digby (Warrington), No 3 Flying School, Grantham (Coleman & Ellison, 3 Sqn , Grantham (Garnons-Williams), 4 Sqn, South Farnborough (Stoney), No 5 Flying School, Seeland (Russell), 9 Sqn Boscombe Down (Yool), 14 Bombing Sqn, Amman Jordan (Greet), 15 Sqn, Martlesham Heath (Weblin), 23 Sqn, Kenley (Garnons-Williams), 39 Bombing Sqn (Roberts), 45 Bombing Sqn, Helwan, Egypt (Restall-Little), 54 Sqn, Hornchurch (Knocker), 70 Sqn, Hinaidi, Iraq (Pickersgill), 99 Sqn Upper Heyford (Coleman), 101 Sqn (Bircham Newton) (Haes), 204 Sqn, Cattewater (Rogers), 30 Sqn, Pembroke Dock (Townshend), 246 Sqn, Lyneham (Arlington), 394 Maintenance Sqn, Bulawayo, S Rhodesia (Rump), 501 Sqn, Filton, Bristol (Ellison), 503 Sqn, Manston (McDougall), 646 Signal Sqn, Scharfoldendorf (Powell), 651 Squadron, Norfolk (Rump), RAF Aden (Haes), RAF - Marine Branch (Kilburn), Royal Canadian Engineer Corps (Main), Royal Canadian Navy, Air Branch (Stokes), Royal Indian Navy Reserve (Jones-Bateman), Royal Military Police (Blythe), Royal New Zealand Army Service Corps (French), West Yokshire Regt (Gibson)
Emergency Svcs
Now 60 entries after adding: Peterborough Combined Police Force (Blythe)q 

2017 Jan 18th
Added nine books by Col., R Bucknall (17-19) including Do You Remember written and published in Shanghai 1928 and seven railway books 1944-45 reprinted in 1970. Details sought for his book The Story of Palestine, 1914-1918.

The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Lalor (06-08), Marshall (1889-91), 

A Career @ Sea
Shipping Cos:
Now 962 entries after adding Bombay & Persian Steam Navigation Co, (thanks Costage),  Canadian National Steamships Ltd (thanks Creighton), Falkland Islands Maritime Service (thanks Ardley), George Nisbett & Co (thanks Hunter), Haldin & Phillips (thanks Brooking), Hugo Stinnes & Co (thanks Palmer), Hunting & Son (thanks Galbraith), Koninkijke Paketvaart Maate (thanks Dunning), Lago Oil  Transport Co (Aruba) (thanks Jones), Law Line (thanks Affleck),  Lees Trawlers (thanks Lees), London & North Eastern Railway (Ferries) (thanks Beith), MacLey & MacIntyre Ltd (thanks MacKillop), Maindy Line (thanks Redfern), Melonesia Co ltd (thanks Harding), Nigerian Customs Service (thanks Purdon), Nyasaland Govt Marine Service (thanks George), Persian Oil Co (thanks Hamilton-Hill), (Messrs) Tapscott (Liverpool) (thanks Dowse),Transatlantic Steamship Line (thanks Tracey),
Nautical Trg Establishments
Now 94 entries after adding Druleigh Business & Technical College, Auckland, NZ (thanks West) and Watts Naval Training School (thanks Campbell)
Armed Svcs
Now 240 entries after adding Soudan Defence Force (thanks Spicer)
Police Svcs
Now 59 entries after adding Lewward Islands (thanks Heath)

2017 Jan 17th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Blencowe (1897-98), Delahay (1890-92), Guimareans (14-17),  Headlam (1887-89), Keating (16-17), Mee (18-20), Rust (15-17), Tait (06-10), Wadsworth (09-10).

Also added
Sard Harker and Lord Jim who their respective authors say were OCs!

A Career @ Sea
Shipping Cos:
Now 941 entries after adding Byron SS Co (thanks Clark), Canton River Service (thanks Carpendale), China Coast Service (thanks Connolly), Cocos & Freemantle Cable Co (thanks Guinmareans), Denholme SS Co (thanks Babington), E Stephens & Co (thanks Jago), Great Western Railway's Ferry Service (thanks (Goodchild), Imperial Oil Ltd (thanks Trewwek), Mount SS Co (thanks Hutchinson), S & J Thompson Ltd (Duncan), Thompson & Co (Newcastle) (thanks Peat), Welsford & Co (thanks Chadwick), Woods, Taylor & Brown SS Co (thanks Middleton), Z Line Trampships (S. America) (thanks Ardley),
Police Svcs
Now 58 entries after adding Ontario Provincial Police Service (thanks MacLauchlan)
Notable Achievements:
Army, Navy & Air Force (officers) Heavyweight Boxing Champion 1925 (Lister)
Chairman, Indian Merchantile Marine Committee (Delhi) 1924 (Headlam)
Commander, American Legion service Club, Oakland, CA (Solon). Inventor Delahay Davit Head Pin (Delahay).
Orange Farmer, Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula, CA (Garnett).

Technical Staff
Added entry for Lt H Wadsworth RNR (OC 1917-19)

2017 Jan 16th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Marette (47)

2017 Jan 14th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Ali (56-58), Benson (41-43), Bill (48-50), Bonney (42-44), Chadwick (52-54), Griffiths (55-56), Haqskins (40-43), Howie (49-51), Hutchinson (37-39), Jpones (39-41), Mountford (52-54), Newman (46-48), Olover (21-22), Potter (51-53), Oxley (48-50), Ross (68-70), Stephens (48-50), Thomas (45-46) and (47-48)

2017 Jan 8th
The Cadets List
Added links/info for: Allen (55-56), Ashworth (54-56), Baker-Rogers (55-56), Bellfield (21-22) and (57-60), Bligh (49-51) and (66-68), Birchwood (52-53), Bresnen (56-58),  Brooking 61-64), Brown (50-51), Burn (55-57), Butterfield (68-73), Cain (55-56), Capstick (46-48), Crellin (56-58), Douglas (46-48),  Gibb (46-47), Harrison (54-56), Holland (55-56), Illingworth (41-43), Ireland (52-54), Jeffrey (54-56), Jones (55-56), Kell (60-620, Kerr (47-49), Knight (26-27), MacAlister (46-47), MacKenzie (55-56), McMillan (55-56), Magean (46-47), Martin (54-56), Millson (60-62),  Morehead (47-49), O'Donnell (26-28) and (66-68), Oldroyd (55-56), Phillips (40-42), Potter (46-47), Pow (54-57), Preston (52-54), Purser (45-48), Roach (49-50), Ruding (46), Scott D and H (52-54), Seedhouse (42-43), Selby-Smith (41-42), Taylor (47-49), Torkington (57-58), Tubb (52-54), Wales (46-47), Williams (46-47),

2017 Jan 1st
Update History below
Moved all updates for 2016 to the historic list at top of page

The Cadets List
Added links for Genochio (55-57)

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